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Trenchless Technology Methods In SacramentoTrenchless technology can benefit you in Sacramento, virtually in the same ways it benefits homeowners all over the nation. For those not yet aware, trenchless techology is a series of various methods of rehabilitating piping systems without, you guessed it, digging trenches. This is especially useful to keeping people's well-kept lawns, intact. 

The benefits of trenchless technology really all depend on the specific piping issue that needs to be addressed. Still overall, these methods tend to be cost-effective, convenient, safe, and eco-friendly. 

Bad Pipe

When traditional methods of fixing a bad pipe fail, a method called pipe bursting is often employed. Basically, a special machine is used to chop up the pipe into smaller parts, and then it puts a new pipe behind it.

Bad Section Of A Pipe

If you're only dealing with a faulty section of a pipe, a sectional point repair is probably the procedure that will be implemented to repair it. In sectional point repair, a similar machine is used to go inside the pipe, identify the problem, and fix just that portion - so you don't have to replace it with an entirely new pipe.

Bad Water Line

A bad water line could mean disastrous things for your yard, as well as for your home - flooding could quickly become a serious issue, and the plumbing company may simply not have time to dig a trench to fix the issue. Instead, the plumbing company is able to fix the problem without any digging, whatsoever.  

Broken Municipal Main Lines

Residences and commercial buildings aren't the only structures that can benefit from trenchless technology - municipalities can benefit, too. If a municipality is dealing with a broken main line, the plumber can go inside the pipe, install a new liner, and have the city back on its way. 

Overall Benefits

  • Convenient - It's pretty obvious that not making a mess out of the client's lawn is a convenient aspect for the client, as well as the contractor. Along with being convenient, trenchless technology work is extremely durable. Many studies have shown that the work is good for more than 50 years.
  • Cost Effective - Believe it or not, conventional excavation techniques are expensive. By not tearing up the client's yar, and minimizing the overall mess that is made, it's less money out of the client's pocket.
  • Safe - Excavation isn't the safest field of construction. At first glance, you might think, "what's so harmful - it's just digging." Well, it's not the digging that's the problem, it's what's underneath the surface. Mold and asbestos are serious issues when digging near piping system. If the ground is never dug up, there isn't a risk from such contaminants.
  • Greener - Besides being better for the safety of you and your family, trenchless technology is better than traditional excavation techniques, when it comes to being environmentally-friendly. Dealing with toxic substances during the excavation process is not uncommon, and since there's no digging involved, it doesn't give these harmful substances time to into the water supply and elsewhere on land. 

Don't Hesitate To Contact A Trenchless Technology Expert, Today

Many years ago, trenchless technology just wasn't possible. And, because of it, our piping systems suffered. We've come a long way though - we've found techniques for nursing all types of pipes back to health, and the best part is, we don't have to ruin the lawns and streets we've worked so hard to create.

If you're having an issue with your piping, don't hesitate to contact an expert in trenchless technology in Sacramento, today. We would really hate to see your money go down the drain.


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