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The transparent outline of a house with a large water droplet inside.Sometimes, surprises can be fun. Surprise birthday parties, a visit from a friend you have not seen in a while, or a little note can become long lasting memories. But some surprises are not at all pleasant or fun. When water bills come in the mail that are abnormally high, do not panic. There are plenty of things you can do both immediately and in the future that can not only help now but also decrease your bill in the future.

The First Step

The first step when receiving an abnormally high water bill is to call your water company. Ask them about the data pertaining to your house, and ask if and when any spikes in water usage occur. Explain why you believe the bill to be abnormally high and find out what the company says. It could be an error on their part, it could be a leak, or it could be some other unknown issue that would need to get fixed immediately.

In the Future

In the future, there are two common ways that you can handle or stop a water bill that is threatening to be high. The first way is the water meter test. Take a look at your water meter and mark down the time and gauged level. Wait two hours, and do not use any water in this time. Drink from bottled water or leave your house for two hours in the meantime. After the two hours is up, check your water meter again. If the level has changed, you have a leak. Immediately search your house for the location of the leak. If you are unable to find it, contact a professional for a thorough search.

The second way is saving water itself by lowering you and your family’s water usage around the house.

How To Lower Your Water Bill

Saving money is all about how much water you save. Conserving water is good for both your wallet and the environment. There are plenty of things you can do around your house to ensure that you save enough water to lower your water bill.

1. In the bathroom, you can turn off the water while you’re washing your hands and lathering the soap. To save time, you can also brush your teeth while you’re in the shower. Do not let the water run while you shave. Upgrading your toilets and other appliances are a great investment because newer models tend to use less water. Also take a look at your toilet flapper; if it does not close after flushing, get it replaced.

2. In the kitchen, it is a good idea to fill your sink with water and use that water to hand-wash your dishes. Instead of letting the water run, filling up your sink is a great way to save water and use only the water you need! Do not thaw food with running water. It is a much healthier choice to thaw it in the refrigerator. Your food will not spoil and your water will be saved. Designate one drinking glass to refill throughout the day. This decreases your amount of dishes, and thus your water usage.

3. Around the house, you can check your plumbing on a regular basis. Check for leaks and if you find any, immediately fix them. It is always a good idea to have your system receive professional maintenance at least yearly.

Show your family these tips, so the whole family can do their part in lowering the water bill.

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With these steps, it will be easy to keep your water bill down in the future. Saving water is not just a good step for the environment, but also for your water bill. There are plenty of ways to save both water and your wallet and they will lead to a significantly lower bill. Always remember to call a professional when in need of some expert advice, or if you need to find a well-hidden leak. For any and all of your plumbing questions, or questions regarding your water bill, call Express Sewer today.

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