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Pipe bursting, which itself has burst in popularity since its introduction in the 1980s, is one of today’s preferred techniques of damaged or broken pipe replacement. The lack of property and lawn damage the method provides, as well as its cost effectiveness and efficient installation, have made bursting stand out as an attractive alternative to digging, or ‘trenching,’ pipe replacement.

For homeowners, business owners and professional pipe replacement contractors, the benefits of this modern technique are significant and clear. If you need a pipe replacement, or think you may require one soon, trenchless pipe bursting is an unparalleled option you simply need to consider. If you’re wondering why that is, look no further; we’re going to tell you why pipe bursting is the best option for complete pipe replacement.

The Seamless Process

What’s most incredible about pipe bursting renovation techniques is the innovative process with which they are completed. Utilizing now popular trenchless technology,’ these pipe-bursting methods are seamlessly completed using hydraulic pumps, replacement pipes and bursting heads.

A bursting head is fixed to the leading end of the new pipe, which is sent through the existing damaged, aging pipe. The base of the bursting head is wider than the existing pipe, and fragments the old pipe as it passes through it. The new pipe, physically attached to the bursting head, is smoothly led through the unoccupied space the head and fragmented older pipe creates.

This technique is labeled ‘trenchless technology’ due to its obvious lack of digging; the entire process is completed using only two entry and exit points, centered on the beginning and end of the existing, damaged pipe, in a technique much like CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) lateral repair methods. Pipe bursting, however completely replaced irreversibly damaged pipe, and is ideal for applications where pipe repairs would not resolve extensive deterioration. 

Minimal Lawn Disturbance

Because of the trenchless nature of pipe bursting, this technique requires very little damage and disruption to lawns, gardens and property. Pipe bursting requires less manual labor than traditional trenching pipe replacement, which is beneficial for both you and the contractors you may hire for the job.

No large digging machinery is required, and the process is completed very quickly; today’s pipe bursting techniques are usually done within a matter of hours. As the process is not as labor intensive as traditional pipe replacement operations, the overall work and contractor fees will be much more affordable. 

Safety Assurance

As part of a ‘greener’ process, modern trenchless pipe bursting eliminates much of the potential underground mold and asbestos threats that come with comprehensive pipe digging replacements. Exposing these elements to the surface can be harmful to yourself and your family, and create a whole new array of problems for you to deal with.

By avoiding digging altogether, this exposure is completely averted, and homeowners can rest easy knowing the trenchless replacement operation has had no negative consequences on the health of their family.

Speed and Efficiency

One of the more notable benefits of trenchless pipe bursting as opposed to large-scale digging replacements is the speed with which it is completed. In less than one day, and often in a matter of hours, your new pipes will be in place and functional, whereas digging operations can take days, and be more expensive and more harmful for your family.

The process of trenchless pipe bursting is so incredibly efficient because it combines two operations in one swift and seamless application. The new pipe, attached to the leading burst head, is instantly inserted into place, pushing away the small fragments of the old, damaged pipe.

As the bursting head essentially shatters your old pipe, it can make room for larger replacement pipe lines. This process is an efficient way to both replace a damaged or broken pipe on your property and increase overall flow capacity.

Since this process takes significantly less time, and is much cleaner than traditional digging replacement methods, home and property owners can instead focus on finishing the replacement quickly and with minimal stress.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to being a quicker, safer and less destructive alternative to traditional digging replacement operations, trenchless pipe bursting is also much more cost effective technique, both in the short and long term. Taking into consideration its minimal labor demands and installation efficiency, it’s no wonder why many homeowners have chosen to adopt trenchless pipe bursting methods as their primary pipe solution.

The incredible life span of today’s durable PVC and HDPE pipe lines also makes this replacement method a worthwhile initial investment for any home and business owner. These new systems pay for themselves in their preventative strength, which fends off against root intrusion and can even survive ground activity.

In direct contrast to digging replacement methods, pipe bursting also avoids the expensive lawn repair costs of digging and trenching. The overall cleaning process is radically simplified, and your lawn will require minimal restoration. This circumvents the need to hire expensive landscapers and professional restorers, and the need to purchase new grass, soil, plant and garden material. 

Long-Term Results

Today’s pipe bursting methods are particularly attractive because they simple work. The process of pipe bursting delivers durable and time-tested results, replacing your broken pipe lines with more stable and reliable PVC or HDPE pipe line. The results of trenchless pipe bursting are so high quality and durable, that almost all pipe repair contractors using this method offer lifetime guarantees for their pipes.

This reliability is guaranteed largely due to the impenetrability of materials used in the replacement pipe. The root intrusion, pipe line cracking and fracturing joints that often occur with older pipe systems, such as Orangeburg pipe lines, are virtually impossible with new systems.

Due to the renowned durability and long-term effectiveness of trenchless pipe bursting replacements, this technique has been widely adopted by pipe repair and replacement professionals worldwide. The process has even been integrated with major public sewer systems across the globe, renovating and replacing main plumbing pipe lines for thousands of homes and businesses. 

To learn more about the great benefits of trenchless pipe bursting, and how to use this technique to replace your home or broken or faulty pipes, contact us today.

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