Sacramento Drain Cleaning

While drain clogs are disruptive, expensive and undesirable, at some point your Sacramento home or business is going to have one. But h<ow do you react to a clogged drain? How do you know what the cause was, or how to prevent it from happening?

When dealing with sewer backups from clogged drains, you need fast, reliable and professional service. That’s why Sacramento has called on us over the years to clean their drains effectively the first time. Understanding the most common causes will help you to prevent clogs or an unwanted pipe replacement project in the future. 

Common Causes


  • Possibly the most common reason of all, especially in homes. If not cleared on a regular basis, hair can build up over time and prevent any liquid from going down a drain at all. 


  • Often, people put greasy or fatty substance down their drain without realizing that it will stick to the sides of the pipe causing a clog.
  • Pipes can break or collapse due to poor installation, which can cause the water to back up or not flow freely.

Miscellaneous Objects

  • Other items that can cause drain blockage include: Soaps, food, and toilet paper. Each of these items can be the cause of a clogged drain. Although some of these may not cause instant clogs; over time they will cause problems.


When it comes to our plumbing, maintenance often gets put aside. Unfortunately, it will only cost you more money and stress if you wait. Plumbing is just like anything else that requires regular maintenance.

To ensure that your pipes always run freely, schedule a licensed professional to come out once per year for regular maintenance. As an additional preventative measure, treat your drains at least once a month with a Bio-clean draining product to prevent drain stoppage. 

Preventing Drain Clogs

Any number of things can clog your drains and destroy your plumbing. Here are a few pointers to help prevent drain stoppage in your Sacramento home or business:

  • Use a drain screen so that hair stops before it goes down the drain. The screen will keep it free of excessive hair or anything else that will cause drain clogs.
  • Properly dispose of grease; do not pour it down the drain.
  • When using your garbage disposal, make sure water is running. Food can gather around the drain and attach to grease and oil, creating clogs. 
  • Have your pipes inspected to insure they are not broken or poorly installed.
  • Use drain cleaning products in small amounts. Large amounts of these chemicals can cause clogs, and certain drain cleaning products can even cause erosion to your pipes.

Clear Your Drain! Clear Your Mind!

Clogs happen even under the best of circumstances. We use a full spectrum of top-of-the-line tools at our disposal to clear blocked Sacramento drains.

From our sewer video inspection tools that can properly locate the source of the clog to hydro-jetters for those stubborn obstructions, such as tree roots, our years of experience and tireless innovation make us the only choice for Sacramento drain cleaning.

We are your emergency drain cleaners for your home or business!