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Finding The Right Plumber In SacramentoSo you’re looking to hire a plumber in Sacramento? It's important to pick a company that will treat you and your home with respect.  We have heard too many discouraging stories of plumbers not showing up at all, leaving the house a mess, over charging customers, and leaving the job unfinished.  Here a few things to consider before you take the plunge and pull out your wallet.

5 Things To Look For In A Plumber

1.  Punctuality: You want to hire a plumber in Sacramento that will always be on time. Having to wait for a repair person, a contractor, or a plumber is not only annoying, but is a huge waste of time. If you have set aside a certain block of time for the contractor’s visit, and he is late, it can throw off your whole day. Also, it exhibits a lack of the plumber’s professionalism.  

You will never have to worry about punctuality with Express Sewer and Drain. We care about our customers and value your time.

2.  Professionalism and Courteousness: Professionalism and kindness are two assets that you definitely want to have in a plumber. Communication and respect are key when dealing with any job or business transaction.  You also want a plumber with a confident attitude, who can always guarantee a positive result.

Express Sewer and Drain consistently provides exceptional customer service. We understand our customer’s needs, and furnish a positive outcome time after time.

3.  Cleanliness is a Must When Hiring a Plumber. Taking responsibility and cleaning up after the job is finished is an attribute of a good plumber. Also make sure that all old pipes and fixtures are disposed of properly.  A good plumber will leave your house cleaner than the way he found it. 

Rest assured: The plumbers at Express Sewer and Drain will always responsibly clean up after a job.

4.  Is Your Plumber in Sacramento Licensed and Insured? It is essential that your plumber in Sacramento is both licensed and insured. California requires a plumber to be licensed, make sure that the plumber’s license is current, and also assure that there have been no complaints filed. In California plumbers must go through extensive schooling, training and pas a comprehensive licensing exam. This schooling includes education on procedures, laws, and codes. So, a plumber in Sacramento that is licensed will have all the expertise needed to successfully perform a job.

We are licensed and bonded at Express Sewer and Drain, and our knowledge exceeds all other plumbing services in Sacramento!

It is also a MUST that you hire a plumber with worker’s compensation and liability insurance, generally a 500,000 minimum. What if a the plumber you hired were to get hurt on the job, AND he was uninsured: YOU would be the one responsible for his injuries!

Express Sewer and Drain in Sacramento is fully insured: you will never have to worry about extra expenses.

5.  Guaranteed Work: Make sure that the plumber in Sacramento offers a guarantee. What would happen if the problem returned? Will the plumber fix it again? Asking for a written warranty is always a good idea.

We guarantee our work at Express Sewer and Drain. We will always make sure that you are satisfied with the job!

If you are ready to hire a an experienced, professional plumber in Sacramento, contact Express Sewer and Drain today!