Need Drain Cleaning?

overflowing sink with clogged drain

Chances are that, at one point, youre going to have to deal with a clog in your shower, tub or sink drain pipes. How can you fix it quickly and prevent it from happening again? When dealing with gunk and residue buildup in home drains, you need fast and reliable service right away.

That said, understanding the most common causes of clogging will help you prevent repeat clogs or unwanted pipe replacement projects in the future.

Common Causes

The following are the most common causes of residential drain clogging, which we often see troubling Sacramento home owners:
  • Hair: this is the most common reason for residential drain clogging, as hair builds up over time and quickly prevents any liquid from going down your drain.
  • Grease: running grease, oils or other fatty goods through your kitchen sink/garbage disposal will quickly result in a home drain clog.
  • Miscellaneous Objects: soap, toilet paper, plastic goods and other materials can often cause home drain blockage. They may not cause instant clogging, but over time they can certainly cause problems requiring professional attention.

Preventing Drain Clogs

Any number of things can clog your drains and put your home plumbing in jeopardy. Here are a few pointers to help prevent buildup in your home drain pipes:

  • Use a drain screen to stop hair before it goes down the drain
  • Properly dispose grease; DO NOT pour it down the drain
  • When using your garbage disposal, make sure water is running
  • Have pipes professionally inspected once per year

If you're struggling with clogged or poor performing drain pipes, don't hesitate to reach out to professional cleaners in your community. Putting the problem off will only cause it to develop further, which may add to cleaning costs down the line.