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Find out how the warning signs that your drains are getting cloggedYour sewage system is probably the least likely thing you think about on a daily basis… until your pipe leaks or your toilet overflows.

However, you take advantage of it multiple times throughout the day. Some of the most common ways you utilize your sewage system include:

  • Washing your dirty apparel; washing machine
  • Cleaning and sterilizing your dishware; dishwasher
  • Removing food and other waste or debris; kitchen sinks, toilets, showers and tubs

Can you imagine having either one or a combination of the previously mentioned appliances break via leaks or clogs?

3 Warning Signs of a Drain Getting Clogged

It can easily transition your sun-filled morning to a cloudy and gray evening. So, what are some early warning signs that indicate your drains are getting clogged?

1. Sluggishly Slow Drain

Whether you’re washing your hands in the sink or taking a shower, if the water begins filling up the appliance, chances are your drain is getting clogged.

2. Fluctuating Toilet Water Levels

Does your toilet water drastically fill-up to a different level each time you flush your toilet? If it does, then your drains may be getting clogged.  This could be resulting from an unstable system which can easily result in clogged drains.

3. Weird Noises 

Gurgling noises are commonly associated to clogs in toilets or any drain including sinks, showers and tubs included.

This noise generally results from uneven drainage which is why it indicates that your drains are getting clogged.

Drains Getting Clogged?

Clogged drains don’t happen overnight or because you flushed your coffee grinds down the kitchen sink disposal; clogged drains build-up over time with all the waste and debris that gets flushed down the drain, clogs are bound to happen.

There are a few plumbing tips and tricks you can do to remedy or help prevent early onset drain clogs, including:

If your drains are suffering from a clog, contact a professional plumber who can help get you the best solution and remedy your drains good as new!

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