Utility Locating 

One of the most overlooked plumber jobs is making sure that your underground water line and utility lines are properly located. This helps to avoid unnecessary power and water outages. At Express Sewer & Drain, we offer the greatest variety of services available to address this. Every procedure is different and requires a unique approach. And this is why we offer the invaluable underground water and utility line location services to protect you from extra expenses.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can accurately locate your:

  • utility_locating_service_sacramentoWater lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Septic lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Electric lines
  • Gas lines
  • Communications lines (telephone & cable)

When you call Express Sewer & Drain, you won’t have to worry about collateral damage to your valuable and necessary underground lines.

YOU Are Our Priority

We understand how nerve-wracking a poor plumbing job can be. After all, we’ve been on the receiving end of lackluster service ourselves. We believe that professional and knowledgeable services, from general plumbing to pipe lining, are necessary to foster and grow our customer relationships.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know our customers pretty well and we’re proud to say that we have many long-term customers because of our commitment to excellence. 

We NEVER charge by the hour. We only charge for the job. Therefore you will never have to deal with unethical upcharges.

Underground Utility Lines Fact List

  • Your underground utility, water and sewer lines are not necessarily dug in a straight line to the house or building. To have your utility and/or water line located, homeowners and business owners are advised to contact Express Sewer & Drain.
  • Your water and sewer service lines were extended from the curb cock valve location to the house by the home builder. There are no records maintained on where these lines are installed.
  • Curb cocks located in driveways may entail a casing before concrete is poured.
  • All locations are normally completed quickly.