Manhole-To-Manhole Lining 

Installing manhole-to-manhole liningWhen it comes to mainline sewer pipe rehabilitation, the most affordable, practical and sound repair option is a trenchless process known as manhole-to-manhole lining. As part of our range of services for city and municipal applications, we’ve incorporated Perma-Liner’s Top Gun manhole-to-manhole trenchless lining system in our lining repairs.

City sewer line breaks can spring out of seemingly nowhere, and escalate into a major plumbing catastrophes in short time, particularly when major roadways and surface level obstructions are involved. A failing municipal sewer line can result in:

  • Surface excavations, and damage to roads, buildings, utilities and sidewalks
  • Toxic runoffs, which may contaminate municipal water lines
  • Disrupted traffic for days, if not weeks
  • Treatment plant flooding

Trenchless Manhole-to-Manhole Lining for City Sewer Lines

 Trenchless technologies, and manhole-to-manhole lining in particular, have completely eliminated the need to disrupt traffic or dig out critical roadways when repairing sewer pipes.

 If you’re dealing with major sewer line damage, there’s a good chance you’re looking for ways to save money without disrupting local infrastructures. This is where manhole-to-manhole lining comes in to save you tens of thousands of dollars in sewer renovation.

 Manhole-to-manhole pipe lining can resolve a majority of municipal, city sewer line problems. This lining application can:

  • Fill entire sections of missing or damaged pipe
  • Seal cracking due to the elements or soil shifting
  • Renovate most intrusions and natural obstruction
  • Seal compromised joint connections or offsets
  • Fill a variety of sewer pipe diameters from 2"- 12”

 Once the municipal sewer pipe cures underground, we use sewer video inspection to assess the new sewer line and ensure its durability for decades to come. Manhole-to-manhole lining can keep city lines performing at their peak for well over 50 years.

What Is Continuous Lining?

Municipal sewer lines often vary in length, width and scope, which can make complete pipe repair an issue. Using conventional methods, erosion control, soil stabilization and permit requirements would typically send overall repair price tags through the roof. This is not the case with continuous cured-in-place pipe lining, which does not disrupt water flow or require the extraneous labor of conventional repair.

Continuous municipal pipe lining can do so much more than lower pipe repair costs. It’s also:

  • Environmentally sound
  • Durable for decades of regular use
  • Does not result in any collateral damage, or disrupt everyday traffic

If you’re dealing with municipal sewer line failure or corrosion, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a CIPP consultation or sewer line video inspection.