Residential Plumbing Services and Repair

At Express Sewer & Drain, we specialize in ALL matters plumbing, drain cleaning and pipe repair. This includes those that commonly affect residential properties, including leaking fixtures, drain clogging and water line damage.

We help our customers by providing not only the best solutions for their needs, but also the most affordable, energy efficient and — above all — safe.  

Industry-Leading Trenchless Repair Solutions

For all home plumbing problems, from minor issues like drain clogging to major sewer pipe disasters, there’s one thing that remains constant: homeowner frustration. This is often accompanied by high repair bills, remedial landscaping and hotel boarding while renovations are underway.

What if we told you there was a way to largely avoid all three of these things when repairing your home’s sewer or lateral pipe lines?

With innovative trenchless technologies, Express Sewer & Drain can tend to all of your underground pipe repair needs without the extensive digging and cost of dig-and-replace repairs. Using epoxy-resin solutions and directional boring equipment, we can access your pipe and seal intrusions without the hassle of digging. It’s the most efficient way to repair your pipes, and comes without all of the frustrations you’d expect from pipe repair.

We offer solutions for virtually every type of pipe damage, no matter how minor or severe. This includes:

Your Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Specialists

Express Sewer and Drain is much more than a team of trenchless experts; we’re well-rounded specialists on all matters home plumbing and can help you with all of your home water heater, toilet, sink, bathtub and water utility repair needs.

We take everyday drain clogging just as serious as sewer pipe collapse and strive to resolve our customer’s plumbing problems in a way that not only saves them money, but also provides peace of mind.

It’s for these reasons that we have become the larger Sacramento area’s preferred plumbing and drain cleaning experts. We make residential plumbing service quality our priority on every house call and can provide affordable pricing for whatever your plumbing needs are.