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yelp-2c-outline.pngDo you remember a time when you used a land line, your “home” phone, to make phone calls? This was before the popularity and advancements of cell phones.

Well, you also will probably remember the stack of paper phone directories, or phone books, to find a business’s number. They were a great tool for the pre-Internet era, and now they are practically antiques collecting dust in your living room or are a part of some awesome DIY project.

With the advanced technology that cell phones have acquired and the modified search engines and web pages on the Internet, paper-based phone directories became out-dated. The Internet became the one stop shop for anything research related.

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The Yellow Pages embraced this technology and made their listings available to you online. Other companies, such as Yelp added some competition to this platform as another site to use for looking-up local dentists, hair stylists, mechanics etc.

How Do You Use Yelp to Find a Plumber?

Express-Photo-3.jpgYelp is a handy online tool for pinpointing local shops in a pinch. What better way to find a local plumber in an emergency situation. Yelp also posts reviews written by former customers of that company so you can sift through them and make an educated decision.

How do you use Yelp to find a plumber in Sacramento. Luckily Yelp is a pretty straightforward directory. At the top of their webpage there are two blank rectangles; the left one is labeled “Find” and the right one is labeled “Near.”

If you are in a panic plumbing situation, all you have to do is open your Yelp app on your phone or on your web browser and search find “plumbers” near “Sacramento, CA.”

A list of plumbing services near Sacramento will populate and you will simply click on the business that you are interested on learning a little more about.

If you have a specific plumbing service that you are wanting to look into a bit more and see what other people are saying about them, then you can type their business name into the find box at the top of the page.

For example, if you wanted to know more about what customers think about Express Sewer & Drain’s services, you would type them into the find box and Sacramento, CA in the near box at the top of the page.

Getting Your Business Listed on Yelp

You may be wondering how Yelp accumulates reputable plumbers to list on their webpage. Well, it’s quite simple. Plumbing services can set up and manage, post photos, message their customers and review their metrics, with a free account. Yelp makes their money through advertisers and selling ads to local businesses and those ads will be labeled Yelp Ads.

Leaving a Yelp Review

Before you make a decision on which plumbing service you are going to hire, you should look into the reviews previous customers have written. Then, once you have used that company’s services, you can write a review of your experience and help the next customer out. You can leave your review directly on that company’s Yelp page and give them a star rating.

Local Plumbing in Sacramento, CA

Finding a local plumbing service, such as Express Sewer & Drain, in Sacramento, CA shouldn’t be hard-- especially in emergency situations. With the help of Yelp and online directories, you can search and review businesses in the area and get the latest updates on new businesses and other local happenings.

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