Trenchless Water Line Replacement: Save Money, Time, Your Home And Landscaping

Main_Water_line_replacementHave you been experiencing higher water bills, lower water pressure, or any other tell-tale signs that your water pipes may be damaged? Have you exhausted every indoor plumbing possibility, and still cannot isolate the leak sources?

This most likely means that you have a leak in your water mainline. If so, did you know that you do not have to dig up your property to rehabilitate those pipes?

Save Money, Time, Your Home And Landscaping

Trenchless is the faster, greener, more effective and durable water line replacement method that will save you money, your landscaping and save your sanity. We are proud to offer a full suite of trenchless pipe replacement services. Highlights: 

  • Durable – Lasts for over 50 years!
  • Greener – No digging means less unearthed toxic substances to run off into potable water supply!
  • More cost-effective in the near term and for the long run!
  • Saves your floorboards, your landscaping, your sidewalks and your drives!
  • No disturbance to your neighborhood!
  • Lightning fast!

Trenchless Water Line Replacement: The Greener, Safer Water Pipe Repair

We know your family’s health is priority number one. That’s why we recommend trenchless water line replacement methods to safely rehabilitate your home’s water supply. This process is the safest, greenest method available to ensure your home, business, or commercial property delivers clean water to everyone inside.

At Express, we believe not only in delivering the greatest craftsmanship at the most affordable rates (we only charge by the job – not by the hour), but we also prioritize everyone’s health. That’s why we recommend trenchless water line replacement.

Save $300 Off A Water Line Replacement   

 A new water line can be pulled through your existing water line from the street to the house without wreaking havoc in your day-to-day life, and without causing you extra, unneeded expenses.