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Sacramento_Sewer_Line_Cleaners_that_Get_Results.jpgEver had a clogged drain? If you have experienced a clogged drain or two in your home, then chances are you know how disruptive they can be to your daily routine.

There are several different methods you can implement in your daily routine to help prevent clogged sewer lines, such as using flushable materials and keeping hairs out of the drains. But, what can you do to unclog and clean sewer lines when they’ve already clogged?

Sacramento Sewer Line Cleaning Methods

Sacramento is known for its energy efficient preferences and processes, and their sewer line cleaning methods follow that model too.

The following are various Sacramento sewer line cleaning methods that get results for your plumbing fixtures, so you can go back to your normal routine without the hassle of a clogged sewer system.


Hydrojetting is a sewer line cleaning process that uses water to help clear your plumbing fixtures. It’s similar to pressure washing because it uses concentrated pressure to blast water through the clogged sewage system.

Generally, this is a sewer line cleaning method that can be used as an annual maintenance routine or as an initial drain cleaning method when your pipes get clogged.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is pretty much that household DIY sewer cleaning method that requires the use of harsh chemicals to unclog your sewage system.

However, you should stay away from overusing chemical agents to clean your sewer lines because it can end up compromising your pipes.

Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical cleanings are often only conducted if the sewage line is severely clogged so much so that both hydrojetting and chemical cleanings are insufficient methods to clean them.

There are a variety of tools professional plumbers can use to mechanically clean your sewer lines, including drain snakes and augers.

You Can Have Clean Sewer Lines Too!

You don’t have to be stuck in a clogged sewer line mayhem. If you’re in the greater Sacramento area and want to either maintain or clean your sewer lines, call a professional plumber at Express Sewer & Drain today.

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