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Have you ever thought about all the things that get caught in your drains? They are certainly no stranger to soap residues, hairs, food debris and various other sediments which start to build up over time.

How do you know how often you should clean your drains?

However, you can avoid having the residue and sediment build up from wreaking havoc on your sewage system and finances with a little preventative care.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

You’ve heard it all weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual drain cleanings are how often your drains should be cleaned; however, with all the conflicting suggestions telling you how often you should clean your drains, how can you possibly determine how often you should be cleaning your drains?

Weekly drain cleanings are a tad excessive; while annual or quarterly drain cleanings can often be too little and, as you can imagine, your sewage system and pipes experience a lot within a year’s time.

The Ideal Routine to Clean Your Drains

Professionally speaking, we suggest a monthly cleaning to ensure that your sewage system remains clog, residue and sediment build up free.

Monthly drain cleanings are the ideal solution for maintaining a steady routine to keep your drains and sewage system in working condition and clog free.

Scheduling a weekly drain cleaning is too excessive and hassle-some to continue so that routine probably won’t last very long.

On the other hand, scheduling quarter or annual drain cleanings will likely get lost in the other activities and adventures going on in your life.

Emergency Drain Cleaning?

Not scheduling routine drain cleanings can resort to you having to use chemical unclogging agents, plungers and other sorts of temporary drain clearing methods. However, emergencies happen. Drains can clog either overtime or in a moments notice; or, the main drainage pipe may clog.

Sometimes emergencies are unavoidable. If you would like to get your pipes all back into working order, give us a call today.

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