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Fotolia 41444831 XSWe just spoke about the three reasons why you should be lining your sewer pipes. We thought we’d share a bit more with you on what the benefits are. It’s an awesome technology that allows us to do things a little bit differently and more effectively. It makes us better plumbers and makes you have just a bit more time without having to hear or see equipment and dirt. (Mutually beneficial arrangement, don’t you think?)

The Speed

The process of trenchless methods means that we can cut off work that we don’t need to do and put a stop to ripping up your lawn. By that virtue, we can do our job in far less time than the traditional methods, if only by removing the time it takes to excavate, replace the pipe, and put the soil back where we found it. That’s the main benefit of a trenchless system: it means that we don’t have take up as much of your time to do what needs done. It’s quick and relatively painless.

Less Destructive

In the same vein, because it requires little to no excavation (usually no more than a small hole in the ground versus a long trench), sewer pipe lining is cleaner and more efficient than the other methods. Just like the time it’ll save you, it’ll save you the headache and the eyesore that excavation causes. If you’ve got roadways or a lawn that you’d like to protect, then trenchless methods are the primary choice for you.

No Loss of Flow

Another wondrous thing is that, as opposed to excavation and replacement, the idea here is that we don’t need to interrupt flow. Some methods allow for flow through the pipe, but we’ll pump the flow downstream for you so that there’s no service disruption. That’ll make your life easier and our work that much more effective!

Easier To Handle For The Public

If you’re a city trying to line their sewers for municipal use, you’re probably aware that the sewers might not be in the most convenient place to replace by excavation. Ripping up the road and replacing the sewer isn’t going to be easy on you, for sure, but imagine the traffic that’s travelling over a road—or, rather, the traffic that won’t be travelling over the sewer pipe while you’re repairing it. It makes life that much easier on everyone if you don’t have any disruptions!

Elegance of Repair

As we’ve said before, it’s a pretty system to fix these pipes using trenchless methods. We really can do it faster and more efficiently with less damage to your property or surroundings. There’s less equipment to worry about and fewer man-hours to weigh on your pocket. The longevity of the repair ensures that you won’t have to do it again for a long time. To us, the idea of a long-lasting, simple, and non-destructive method for repairing an otherwise compromised drain is a beautiful thing.

And, remember that because of these benefits, they’re easy sells to those you’re responsible to. If you’re a homeowner, it’s pretty easy to make the decision. However, if you’re on a municipal board and looking to repair services for the city, then you can very easily take all these benefits and more to those that you’re responsible to. It’s as quick and as painless as the services that we’re performing!

And, as always, if you have any questions for us, be sure to give us a call and we’ll be on it as quickly as possible. Our services are quick not only because the process is quick, but because we’re knowledgeable about our jobs and we’re efficient at what we do. Give us a call today to find out more!

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