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Replace Your Sewer Lines Without Ever Lifting A Shovel

Sacramento Trenchless Sewer Line ReplacementThat’s right. Are you wondering how someone can actually physically repair a drain line without digging up your precious landscaping, your floors, damage your walls and driveway or even the municipal sidewalk in front of your home? The answer is ingeniously simple: trenchless plumbing. With trenchless plumbing, also called cured-in-place pipe, plumbers no longer have to necessarily dig to rehabilitate water systems back to like-new functionality.

Don’t DIG! Don’t destroy your lawn, your floors, your driveway or your life needlessly excavating sewer pipes! Contact Express Sewer & Water for a free demonstration and consultation about Sacramento drain pipe replacement done the intelligent, practical way!

Early forms of trenchless plumbing were pioneered back in the 1950’s. Now the technology has advanced so far that, not only do home and business-owners no longer have to stress out over needlessly digging up their assets, entire cities are making the shift to trenchless plumbing or CIPP. Everyone is doing it because it just makes sense. All of the work is done underground within your existing plumbing infrastructure, inside of the pipes. You see, old plumbing systems rarely totally fail. By that we mean, typically it’s only a section, a joint, a short expanse of pipelining that breaks, cracks or otherwise faults. So why dig up an entire system to replace only what amounts to a fraction of the entire complex? You don’t have to any longer.

The answer lies in the term cured-in-place pipe. Basically, what infrastructural engineers did was move the drying stage of pipe manufacturing from the factory to the point of repair (that would be your home or business property). The answer, they found, was in combinations of epoxy resins that cure over a short period of time. Where? Right there beneath your feet.

How Can You Replace Sacramento Drain Pipes Without Digging!?

The next step was to develop the precision equipment to evenly, accurately distribute the resin blends throughout your drain pipes, ensuring an evenly laid line that not only serves as a newer, cleaner water pipe, but also fortifies the existing pipe that wasn’t previously broken. So they did that.

The environmentally-safe, eco-friendly epoxy is basically inflated inside your old pipes via a specially-engineered machine head that travels through your water lines, evenly distributing the epoxy resins. Those resins then settle inside your old pipes and “cure,” or harden, into place. The results are impressive. And durable. Our trenchless CIPP products are guaranteed to last for over 50 years. Now that’s cost-effective plumbing.

Replace My Sacramento Sewer Pipes

We were just getting to that. We access your entire sewer through your existing cleanout. That’s all we need. Since the work is done from within your drain pipes, we just need a way in. It’s already there! Your sewer is equipped with a maintenance access. From it, we can perform exceptional, durable, greener and more affordable Sacramento sewer line replacement. Oh…and did we mention we could do it in a matter of hours, with few men, all costing you less! Call or click to speak expressly with an Express Sewer & Drain Sacramento water pipe replacement specialist today!

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