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Sacramento Toilet Repair

After a while, the flapper in your toilet can wear out. This can cause your toilet to run which which wastes valuable water and adds to your monthly bill. With this simple guide from Express Sewer & Drain, you can easily make this common Sacramento toilet repair.

Sacramento Toilet Repair Part 1—Remove Water

  • Turn off the water to the toilet. The shut off valve is found on the left side of the toilet coming out of from the wall just a few inches from the floor.
  • Remove the toilet lid and flush the toilet to drain the water from the tank. Now you’re ready for the next part of your Sacramento toilet repair.

Sacramento Toilet Repair Part 2—Remove the Old Flapper

  • Disconnect the chain from the toilet flush lever.
  • Remove the old toilet flapper by unhooking it from the hinges and lifting it from the tank. Now that you’ve removed the old flapper, it’s time for part 3 of your Sacramento toilet repair—purchasing the new flapper.

Sacramento Toilet Repair Part 3—Purchase the New Flapper

  • If possible, write down your toilet’s manufacturer and model number. The manufacturer name is usually printed outside the bowl near the seat hinges. Look for the model number on the inside of the tank at the back.
  • Take this information and the old flapper to a home improvement or plumbing supply store to find the right flapper for your toilet. Now you’re ready for part 4 of your Sacramento toilet repair—putting the new flapper in place.

Sacramento Toilet Repair Part 4—Put the New Flapper in Place

  • Put the new flapper in place and attach it the hinges.
  • Reconnect the chain to the toilet flush lever. Make any necessary adjustments to the chain. It needs to be long enough so that the flapper can sit on the flush valve, but not so long that the chain gets caught underneath the flapper when the toilet is flushed. All that’s left now is Sacramento toilet repair Part 5!

Sacramento Toilet Repair Part 5—Test the New Flapper

  • Turn the water back on and look to see if the new flapper holds a seal.
  • Once the tank is full, test the new flapper by flushing the toilet. Do this a few times to make sure the toilet is working properly. Now just replace the toilet lid and you’ve finished your Sacramento toilet repair.

Sacramento Toilet Repair Complete!

That’s it! You’ve now completed your Sacramento toilet repair. But, if your toilet still does not function properly or you have other problems, contact Express Sewer & Drain for a professional Sacramento toilet repair.

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