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Express Sewer and Drain Know All the Specifics

Water SoftenerHave you ever wondered why some water tastes better than other kinds? Or why a certain water will make your hands feel rougher than another? These are the differences between hard and soft water. As you discover more information, all the small details will begin to add up!  

Hard Vs. Soft Water? 

Hard water is made up of a large quantity of calcium and magnesium. Soft water on the other hand contains both of these minerals, but only in a small abundance. Before reaching the water pipes for supply, hard water will pass through soft rock and gather minerals like magnesium and calcium. Soft water, however, will pass through hard rock such as granite, and will sustain a very small amount or no minerals during the movement.

Known for their environmental knowledge in plumbing techniques, plumbers in Sacramento, Express Sewer and Drain can tell you all you want to know about the differences between hard and soft water, and how they can affect your plumbing system.

Hard water is generally used for drinking purposes because it has a better flavor. But, you would not want to wash your clothing, dishes or hair with it because it can leave mineral deposits. When you shower with hard water, you may not feel clean, your hair can have a dull appearance, and over time your clothes will become grimy. To achieve a more desirable effect, water softeners can be added by a plumber. Sacramento residents that do have their water softened must be warned: this process adds sodium ions to your water which can make it taste extremely salty.  A water filter is advised. This is particularly significant if you have health issues such as edema, high blood pressure, or heart disease, because adding excess sodium to your diet can worsen these problems.

Soft water has outstanding cleaning ability. It is what gives soap that nice, creamy lather. And with soft water, your dishes will be shinier, your hair will be more vibrant, and your clothes will get cleaner after a cleanse. Major appliances tend to have a longer life span in homes that have soft water. Also, soft water may increase energy efficiency of these appliances. This is because soft water requires of a small amount of the energy turnout. Best of all, you will not have to re-wash your dishes to get them sparkling clean.

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