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Plumbers in Sacramento Let You in on Their Secrets

Plumber SacramentoYour toilet is constantly running. Yes, this is extremely annoying, but it also means that you are wasting water because of a leak somewhere in your toilet. Most times, the toilet leak can be an easy fix, something that you can do without the help of a plumber. Sacramento residents will many times discover that the source of the problem is the toilet seal in the tank, or toilet flush valve seal as it is also called.

As a toilet’s handle is triggered, the flush valve at the tank bottom will open and permit the water stored in the tank to enter the bowl. A seal is placed around the valve to prevent leaks. The toilet will continuously run if the valve or valve’s seal breaks or corrodes. That is when it is time to replace the seal.

Replacement of a toilet seal is an easy job that does not take much time. However, if you do not feel comfortable working with your toilet, it is always an option to call a plumber. Sacramento plumbing professionals, Express Sewer and Drain are equipped to handle any job, big or small.  

Toilet Seal Replacement is Simple AND Saves Money On Your Water Bill

To begin replacing your toilet seal, turn off the water supply. This is just below the tank, and it must be rotated clockwise to stop water from moving into the tank. To empty the tank completely, flush the toilet.

Remove the metal valve chain off of the flush valve. Disconnect the water supply hose from underneath the tank. You can do this by turning its mounting nut in a counterclockwise direction using a wrench.

Using the same wrench, take off the bolts that secure the tank to the toilet bowl. Next, lift the tank off of the toilet bowl. You should now see the flush valve’s spud nut and washer on the underside of the toilet tank. Detach the spud washer from the spud nut and remove the spud nut that secures the valve to the tank’s bottom. To do this, you will need a spud wrench. Utilizing the wrench, rotate the nut in a counterclockwise direction.

Raise the flush valve seal out of the toilet tank. Slip the new valve seal onto the bottom of the flush valve. Place the valve back into the toilet tank.  The spud nut on the underside of the flush valve can be tightened by turning it in a clockwise direction. Apply a new spud washer on top on this spud nut.

The metal valve chain can now be reattached to the flush valve. Place the tank on top on the toilet bowl, and then, using your wrench, position the tank’s retaining bolts. The water supply hose can now be re-connected and the water valve turned back on. The toilet can be used after the tank refills with water.

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If you think that this plumbing project is too much for you to handle, never fear; you can always call a plumber. Sacramento residents should consider contacting the plumbers that are your best choice for toilet repair, Express Sewer and Drain. We are the number one toilet replacement company in Sacramento, and have the expertise to give you the service that you deserve. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are always here to serve you. Call now to set up an appointment.

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