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Your Helpful Plumbers in Sacramento, Express Sewer and Drain Tell You What to Do

Have you ever turned on the faucet and realized that the water was too hot or cold? What are you supposed to do when the temperature on your water heater isn’t what it is supposed to be? Regulating your water heater thermostat is actually an extremely simple process; one that you can do without the help of a plumber. Sacramento, listen up: It’s time to learn how to modify the temperature on your thermostat!

A hot water heater thermostat regulates the temperature in the water heater. The water cools before it gets to the faucets if the temperature is set too low. If the temperature is set too high, there is a high risk for burning and scalding. Most thermostats are equipped with a control that enables you to set the temperature. To ensure proper temperature regulation, the thermostat should be checked periodically.

You can easily regulate the temperature on your water heater without hiring a plumber. Sacramento residents can use the temperature control knob that is connected to the heat source of the water heater. This is generally located on the front of your water heater on the lower, center portion. Typically red in color, the control knob may have various words and markings on it. There are some units that have digital readouts, while other water heater units have temperature numbers or lines on the actual control knob.

Water Heater Thermostat

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Now look directly above the knob for a small black line or arrow. You will notice that this line or arrow lines up with a marking on the control knob. The current temperature setting is indicated by this marking. According to the model and the make of the water heater, the temperature setting may be labeled as a word like, “warm,” or “hot.” It also might be labeled by a black line (approximately 120 degrees), or a white line (approximately 105-110 degrees). Lastly, the settings could be labeled by numbers such as “115" or “120.”

The recommended setting ranges between 105 and 120 degrees. With these settings, energy use is reduced, while the risk of burns are lowered. To set your desired thermostat setting, slowly turn the control knob counterclockwise to lower the temperature, or clockwise to increase the temperature. NEVER turn the control knob past the maximum temperature. This will produce water that is hot enough to scald and burn anyone that is in the house!

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