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Well, who would have ever connected drain cleaning with the Holidays? But you know what? It makes sense. Why? Many of us have friends and family in for the holidays, whether it is for a party or to host the family celebration. And if you are like us, then that means you demand perfection. You just don’t want anything to do wrong. So imagine the following: everyone is enjoying each other’s company, having wonderful conversations and catching up when the plumbing goes out, or worse, your toilet overflows. Yeah. That could lead to a pretty bad scene.

So to keep that from happening, there are several things you can do as preventive measures against to make sure you holiday session glides along as smoothly as Santa down the chimney. Periodically inspect your drains for the signs that you might have problems like frequent toilet overflow, pooling drains, or bad odors (sewer gas) coming from your pipes. If you aren’t sure what to look for, subscribe to our blog and, while you’re here, have a look around for an abundance of helpful Sacramento drain cleaning tips.

Drain Cleaning

Time For Action: Sacramento Drain Cleaning Tips

  1. Try the plunger. It’s cheap and it often works.
  2. Pour a brine solution (or very strong salt water) into your sink to eliminate odors. This is great kitchen sinks because it keeps grease from building up in your drains, plus it’s an ideal preventive measure which can definitely save you money down the road. Now it’s time to get the holiday blend of potpourri going and fixing your spiced wine. No worries about bad odors ruining the holiday now!
  3. We seldom recommend it, but in times of an emergency (like during your party) a chemical drain cleaner can do the trick. Avoid it all costs though please. They are extremely toxic and just aren’t really a good idea.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda! It does sometimes work and it’s so much cleaner and healthier than chemical drain cleaners. Inexpensive and safe for use, a little bit of vinegar and baking soda can keep your drains clear of clogs and foul odors. A half cup of baking soda poured into any drain followed by a half cup of vinegar and then some boiling hot water is the perfect natural drain cleaner. The reaction is effective and safe for your pipes, which is also a money saver. Now you can buy yourself that special something you want.
  5. Keep a plumber’s snake handy. Thread the mechanical snake into your clogged drain to manually push the clog out and down the pipe.
  6. If, after a few attempts, these tips have not helped you to clear your drain of clogs, call a licensed, professional plumber to come and take over. Excess force on any drain can lead to permanent damage to your pipes and fixtures, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repair.

Clear And Clean: Express Sewer!

We hope these Sacramento drain cleaning tips are helpful to you this season. Happy Holidays!


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