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A drain with clear water. Whole picture is dominated by blue colors.Your drain works hard to remove water from your home. But sometimes, contaminants can travel through the water and become harmful to your drain. Dirt can turn into sludge, soap and grease can create large clogs, and hair becomes a net for what is supposed to go through a drain. These items can gather together and cause many damages to your piping system, including cracking and rusting. This will cost you more time and more money in replacing the entire system. It is best to fix the problem before it begins; cleaning your drain as often and as regular as possible. But should you turn to commercial cleaners or professionals?

Different Types of Clogs

Your drain can become victim to any amount of contaminants. When many contaminants come together, they can become a heavy blockage that could damage your plumbing and draining system. The top of the drains are easiest to clean: a paper towel and a quick wipe and it is as good as new. But when a blockage travels to a deeper part of the drain, your piping system can become permanently damaged. Impediments that can block your drain include:

  • Sludge
  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Grease
  • Food
  • Dirt
  • Oil

Any one of these contaminants can gather together and become a mess that could lead to rusting or cracking. Instead of replacing your drain altogether, it is best to fix the problem before it begins: with a basic cleaning.

Commercial Cleaners vs. Professional Cleaning

For the most basic description, commercial cleaners may not be as thorough as professional cleaners. But why? Commercial cleaners promise to remove blockages and guarantee to prevent future clogs. Both cost money, but which option is more cost-effective?

Commercial cleaners may be beneficial, but only slightly. They can become expensive over a period of time, and the chemicals they contain may cause allergic reactions or other kinds of health issues. Commercial cleaners are not always the safest option for you and your family. Some commercial cleaners may even harm your piping system, which could cause more money for you later on.

Professionals can clean your sink efficiently and effectively. It is their – and our – job to know the ins and outs of any plumbing and drainage system, and to know how to properly clean it. Getting your sink professionally cleaned on an annual basis saves you time cleaning your sink manually, and saves you money that you would be spending on an endless amount of commercial cleaning supplies. Professionals are equipped to handle blockages and clogs, and we are always prepared for the situation at hand.


While professional cleaning is the best form of cleaning for your household plumbing system, follow these tips to ensure the cleanliness of your drain that will save you time and money:

  • Clean your drain on a regular basis.
  • When using your disposal unit, let your water run.
  • Wipe all oil and grease from pans before putting them in your sink.

Contact Us Today

If your drain is clogged or has a foul odor, we can help. Here at Express Sewer & Drain, we are professionals who understand that you do not need to waste your time and money on anything more than you need to. We charge by the job and not the hour, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that we will get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our professionals use only the state-of-the-art equipment to provide you the best service possible. For any and all of your drain and other piping needs, contact us today; we offer free consultations.

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