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Little Known Ways To Find Water LeaksWhile many homeowners know the tell-all signs of a water leak within their home’s plumbing, such as high water bills, lawn damage and in-home leaking, often finding the leaks themselves can become a frustrating challenge. This primarily due to the many areas, individual pipes and systems in which a leak can occur, and for whatever number of reasons.

Fortunately, there are several, relatively simple diagnostic steps your can take to better identify, or at least estimate, where a water leak resides within your Sacramento home’s plumbing. These steps can inform you not only of the specific areas and likely causes of your home water leak, but also the best restorative actions for your unique plumbing pipes.

Do you need to contact a plumbing professional to evaluate your plumbing for water leaks? Use the below diagnostic steps to gauge the severity of your leak problem.

Water Meter Tests

One of the most decisive ways to identify whether a leak resides in your Sacramento home plumbing is by testing your home water meter. While this test will not tell you where exactly a leak exists in your home, it will inform you with 100% accuracy whether the leak is inside your home (a leak from faucets, bathroom plumbing or kitchen drains) or outside (as in, your irrigation system, lateral lining, etc.).

Begin by noting where your water consumption level is before diagnosis, and then shutting off all the water-consuming appliances, drains and fixtures in your home. Wait a few moments and check your water meter again; if your meter features a small-volume water use gauge, this will likely have moved in the case of a leak. If your meter lacks this handy gauge, standard consumption gauges will also move slightly in leak conditions.

Next up is determining whether the leak is within or outside your home, which follows much of the same small steps as above. In this test, make note of your water meter level, and then shut off your home water valve completely; this valve cuts off all water from your home. Assess your water valve again after about 20 minutes, give or take a few. If the water consumption meters are still moving, with all water cut-off from your home, you likely have an irrigation leak, or even more troublesome, cracking or damage to your lateral lining.

If this is the case, contact your local plumbing professionals right away. Not only can they identify the exact location and severity of pipe damages with video inspection technology, but they can also repair your Sacramento plumbing with innovative, non-destructive new technologies, and limit any long-term water damage and mold in your home.

Finding a Leak Within Your Home

Effective in-home leak detection can be done before the need to call a plumbing specialist even arises; all you have to do is know what to look for. There are numerous, telltale signs of a water leak that many homeowners may overlook from time to time. By catching these signs early, you can prevent leaks from growing into more harmful plumbing failures, or from facilitating mold spread within your home.

Here at Express Sewer & Drain, we’ve seen it all; because of this, we recommend that homeowners in Sacramento self-check their home’s plumbing once a month at the very least, and have a professional inspection annually.

When evaluating your home’s plumbing for leaks, or trying to identify the cause of a leak, keep a sharp eye out for the following:

  • Water corrosion or buildup around plumbing fixtures
  • Water discoloration when run from water heater to fixtures
  • Drains acting slowly, or clogging
  • Strange or unpleasant odors coming from pipes and drains
  • Loss in flow of volume of water output

If you notice any of the above in your home’s plumbing system, do not hesitate to act; getting the professional, expert help you need now could save you significantly on later, more intensive and thorough repairs.

Professional leak detection specialists can use a combination of video snaking tools, hydro-jetting tools and trenchless technologies to resolve any leak in your home, no matter the severity. Best of all, these solutions are more affordable than you may be led to believe, and are certainly most effective when completed as soon as possible. If you notice any water leak signs, act sooner rather than later; you won’t regret it.

Finding a Leak Outside Your Home

If diagnosing leaks with your water meter suggests that a leak exists outside your home, there are also a number of signs you can look for when determine where a leak exists, or what caused a leak.

First and foremost, you’ll want to check your lawn’s irrigation system for serious leaks, noting any of the following if they are present:

  • Shifting lawn soil, indicative of ruptured irrigation
  • Dense grass growth concentrations, which occur when abnormal volumes of water are exposed beneath your lawn’s surface
  • Dampness or wet patches on your lawn
  • Clogging in your lateral pipe, which may indicate a material buildup between your home and municipal sewer systems

For irrigation pipe damage, inspections and complete repairs can be done relatively simply, so long as you find the right professional help in a quick manner. For lateral pipe damages, a unique, new approach can be the perfect solution for you: consider trenchless technologies. These innovative pipe renovations make the use of epoxy, liquid Perma-liners and trenchless air pumps to mold a cover over any pipe damages, or even completely replace broken lining pipes.

To learn more about accurate leak detection in your Sacramento home, or for additional information regarding trenchless technology solutions, contact us today. Our plumbing specialists would be glad to speak with you about any of your plumbing needs.



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