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These careless drain mistakes can wind up costing you greatly in the long term.As it concerns your home’s drain pipes and plumbing, what you don’t know often can (and will) hurt you. Poor drain care behaviors, which are completely avoidable given the right knowledge, can end up costing you hundreds in later repairs and pipe renovations, and may sometimes be irreparable, leading to full plumbing restoration that can run your wallet dry.

In these cases, avoidance just takes a little know-how and, in some cases, professional consultation. Don’t make these careless drain cleaning and care mistakes with your home pipe systems; they can run your repair bill hundreds of dollars, if not more, and are often entirely avoidable. Instead, learn how your plumbing system works before taking on cleaning challenges, and contact an experienced drain specialist when needed.

Poor Drain Care and Overuse of Chemical Cleaners

In far too many cases we see, drain disasters are the direct result of chemical cleaner misuse, and the breaking down of pipes it can cause. These products, which operate through chemical reactions to eat away at clogging and debris, can in fact damage your pipes if used gratuitously, as many homeowners in Sacramento often use them.

Without even getting into the health risks these products pose, we’d like to suggest some safe, stable alternatives to chemical drain cleaners that you can use right away to rid your plumbing of debris. In this case, hot water flushes, vinegar and baking soda mixtures, and even commercial, carbonated soda products can perform the same function as chemical products, while posing significantly lowered risks of plumbing corrosion.

By avoiding the harmful misuse of chemical cleaning products, you can tend to your drain clogging problems in a much more positive, less hazardous way.

However, you can avoid the need for drain cleaning and cleaning products altogether by treating your home’s drains with greater care. Essentially, you can avoid these drain cleaning mistakes by treating your drains right from the get-go.

A lot of it comes down to how you use your drains every day, and what you run and process through them on a regular basis. The most sensitive areas for drain clogging in Sacramento homes is in the bathroom and kitchen, where processing the wrong products and materials can result in persistent, detrimental drain build up easily.

You can improve your drain performance and regular use by avoiding flushing the following through your drain pipes:

  • Hair and chemical hair products, notably in the shower (consider a drain cover for these fixutres)
  • Cooking grease or conventional oils
  • Animal fat, bone and cartilage
  • Fibrous or starchy food products, and peels and skins
  • Plastics, wrappers and paper products

DIY Practices That Make Matters Worse

In countless instances, poor DIY efforts can actually end up worsening your drain problems, and result in the need for more thorough and expensive drain repairs.

What’s most important for DIY renovations is knowing your own limits, and following them strictly when repairing drain fixtures; when homeowner’s wind up in over their heads with drain disasters, poor DIY practices only make circumstances more severe. Instead, consider contacting a seasoned drain expert for these problems, before you make the mistake of growing drain issues beyond a manageable level.

Irregular Maintenance, and Inspection Avoidance

One of the most beneficial practices for drain performance upkeep and improving everyday use is performing regular self-inspection and maintenance. In fact, a majority of the mistakes listed above can be entirely avoided using a consistent maintenance schedule; failing to do so is how drain clogs, corrosion and failures originate in the first place.

If you’re careless with your regular drain maintenance, and abstain from consistent inspection, you only put your drains at higher risk for failure. To keep your Sacramento plumbing running at high performance, in lieu of conventional use, we suggest self-inspecting your drains at least once every month, and having a trained specialist diagnose your drains once per year.

The experienced eyes of professionals can catch minor drain issues early on, before they can develop into more severe and expensive plumbing disasters. In the Sacramento area, those professionals are Express Sewer & Drain. Our specialists, with years of experience and plumbing know-how, can help you mitigate your drain problems and keep your home plumbing at peak performance for years to come.

Don’t make careless, drain-compromising mistakes with your home plumbing. Speak with one of our specialists today to see what you can do to keep your drains running, and for immediate answers to your plumbing problems.

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