Cured-in-Place Lateral Pipe Lining


Cured-in-place lateral pipe lining is often the most affordable way to renovate underground municipal sewer lines. As a trenchless technology, pipe lining does away with the manual digging and sewer replacement of traditional repairs; for municipal pipes, which often run beneath roadways or other high-traffic areas, this capability can wind up saving thousands of dollars in disrupted traffic and labor.

Lining is the most practical way to repair sewer pipes with ease, and brings several other benefits specifically for municipal applications:

  • No damage to property; this includes the streets, sidewalks and residential/commercial properties often above municipal pipe lines
  • Environmentally sound end-result, resistant to the elements and degradation
  • Short renovation timeframe; sewer lines can be cured in a single day
  • Cost-effective, with reliability for decades to come

Lateral Pipe Lining and Municipal Sewer Repairs

Municipal pipe lining is performed through existing pipe access points or manhole entryways (often in an application known as manhole-to-manhole lining), which significantly reduces, or outright eliminates, major surface excavations.

When lining damaged sewer lines or those with serious degradation, we feed an epoxy-coated liner into the pipe, and cure this material within existing walls using air, steam or heated water. After a few hours of curing, you are left with what is essentially a pipe within a pipe; the new line being more durable than ever before.

With cured-in-place pipe renovations, jobs that used to take days, or even weeks, can now be completed in a fraction of the time. Traditional pipe repairs destroy landscaping, walkways and driveways, while also disrupting daily activities. Lateral lining for home sewer and pipe lines completely avoids these added problems in the most affordable way possible.