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For most of us, our home is probably the biggest investment we will ever make. It’s our greatest source of equity, and whether we’re selling our current house or in the market for a new one, it just makes sense to thoroughly have everything about it checked out before making the leap and buying or selling it. Of course, this includes one of the property’s most fundamentally important assets, the sewage system.

We were in the office talking about what we should discuss here at the blog, and though it seemed like an obvious topic, we are compelled to discuss the importance of sewer video inspection in Sacramento. Sure, it seems like one of those issues that can go without mentioning: of course you’re going to inspect the sewage system before either making a substantial purchase or putting your home on the market. But just because it seems like it’s an automatic doesn’t mean it is. It’s almost always advantageous to review checkpoints as you’re preparing to make such an important move.

Sacramento Sewer Inspection

Video Sewer Inspection Is An Integral Step In Buying Or Selling Property: Just Dropping In To See What Condition Your Sewage System Is In

So, you’re at the lot and you’ve decided that you found the exact car you think you want. You know it has all the features you require and desire. But there’s no way you’re going to pull the trigger on the deal until you look under the hood, right? That’s exactly what sewer video inspection in Sacramento is: getting a great look under the hood.

In fact, it’s even better than that.

If just looking under the hood was the same as sewer video inspection in Sacramento, you’d get a guided video tour of all the twists and turns inside your engine. You would see firsthand what condition the engine was in, from the inside out. That doesn’t normally happen, does it? But that’s precisely what video inspection is: it’s an guided tour by a trained expert of your home or other property’s sewer pipe system, and it details everything that’s either wrong or right about its infrastructure and condition.

Thus, if you’re selling your property you can get an accurate assessment of its ultimate worth, courtesy of video evidence. From there, you can either opt to sell as is and adjust the cost accordingly, or you can choose to refurbish your home’s sewage system prior to the sell as an upgrade. And a great upgrade it is. Whether your sewer pipes require hydro-jetting drain cleaning or something more involved like point placement repair or lateral lining, video inspection can dish the skinny on everything that has (and doesn’t) need to be done to restore them to a like-new condition.

If you’re buying property, sewer video inspection should be a priority when inspecting the rest of your home to ensure its soundness. After all, you want to be certain that you’re getting what you pay for, right?

Call Express Sewer & Water For Sacramento Sewer Video Inspection BEFORE Buying Or Selling Your Home

To ensure quality and value, always have Express Sewer & Water perform a video inspection of your Sacramento sewage system before buying and selling. Call us today for a free sewer consultation. We’re here to remove the guesswork from buying or selling property…as well as all of the stress it can bring with it.

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