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When we’re forced to repair subterranean infrastructure like water and sewer pipes, figuring out where to dig can be the biggest part of the job. It’s a pretty common complaint that everyone hears when someone is digging in their yard and their cable or other essential home utility crashes. This is because the person or company doing to digging either doesn’t know what they’re doing, or they’re careless and really aren’t concerned with your expenses. It’s like the guy put on a blindfold and started to dig. At Express Sewer & Drain, we’re not like that. We take care not to interfere with essential home utilities like telecommunications lines or cracking expensive sewer laterals.

Sacramento Utility Location

  • Your underground utility, water and sewer lines are not necessarily dug in a straight line to the house or building. To have your utility and/or water line located, homeowners and business owners are advised to contact Express Sewer & Drain.
  • The water and sewer service lines were extended from the curb cock valve location to the house by the home builder. There are no records maintained on where these lines are installed.
  • Curb cocks located in driveways may entail a casing before concrete is poured.
  • All locates are normally completed promptly.

Water Line Location And Utility Line Location Services

At Express Sewer & Drain, we offer full-service plumbing, and when we say “full-service,” we mean it. Not every plumbing company can or will offer utility and water line location services in Sacramento. For us, it’s just part of our routine.

These days, our computer connections are often essential to our livelihood. Many people work from home. Downtime can mean lost income. That downtime can also be like salt on a would because, not only is there downtime, you may lose valuable income to a competitor due to some guy busting up your Internet access. This is unnecessary.

  • Water line location and utility line location are increasingly important services to maintain connectedness via the Internet, phone lines and other means of communication!

At Express Sewer & Drain, we have the most advanced equipment available for the detection of underground utilities and telecommunications cables. We know the value of communication and work to preserve your connections, whether or not they’re essential to your livelihood. Any inconvenience on your end is unacceptable to us, therefore we strive to never interrupt your utility services or your life in any way. Always check with Express Sewer & Drain before you’re advised to dig anything. Chances are, we can recommend a trenchless solution to your problem so that you don’t have to dig at all. If not, we can locate water and utility lines in Sacramento, saving you a huge headache  and lots of money to boot.

Water Line Location And Utility Line Location

Whenever you’re in doubt, please call Express Sewer & Drain for all water line and utility line location services, particularly if you work from home. Downtime isn’t acceptable.

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