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Though we here at Express Sewer & Drain, your Sacramento plumber, are always posting helpful DIY tips and hints that save you time and money, we still get asked about posting a comprehensive list of DIY plumbing resources. Well, there's good news!

In the age of the Internet, your access to quality, knowledgeable plumbing information is fast and easy to find. That said, having one, easy, convenient, useful post that you can bookmark and reference as needed seemed to be a darn good idea, too.

  • Be sure to press 'ctrl-D' and bookmark this blog post. You never know when you'll have a plumbing emergency.

DIY Plumbing Tips

Do Or DIY: Helpful Websites From Your Sacramento Plumber At Express

  • Do It Yourself Plumbing Advice - To get there, just click on the link we provided. But what is it? Well, it's exactly what it says and it is an absolutely priceless tool for the novice and pro alike. Here is their description: "DIY Plumbing Advice strives to provide you with plumbing and water information that is reliable, responsible, and free. The purpose of this site is to show YOU how to do it, not just to show an abbreviated video of how I did it." 
They also include an extremely handy plumbing glossary on each subject page.
  • Our Blog - Not that you really need to click on the link (you're already here), but we would be remiss if we didn't include this in our list, wouldn't we? The thing that makes our blog different from most of the other plumbing blogs out there is that we focus on our local market. Being your Sacramento plumber means that we not only provide you with valuable tips about general plumbing, but we also give you many of these tips within the context of Sacramento plumbing specifics. Our weather is unique. Our soil is unique. Our municipal plumbing has its quirks, so you see why, if you live in Sacramento, you should check our blog frequently.
  • Ed The Plumber - You may well have seen him on the DIY network, but did you know that Ed the Plumber has his own website? He does.
  • DIY Plumber - DIY Plumber is another really useful site out there in the 'plumberverse.' There, you'll find more tips on identify and repair common household plumbing problems.

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Why Does Your Sacramento Plumber At Express Offer Me These Cash Conserving Links?

People have said to us, "Well aren't you losing money when you tell people how to do the job you could be doing?" Our answer is, "Well, maybe, but if we can help our neighbors in Sacramento save a little dough, we feel we're doing our job."

And that's true. As your Sacramento plumber, we're here to help you save. Plumbing doesn't have to be a headache or an inconvenience. It's a fact of life that it sometimes fails. When it does, you can always reference our blog to find a little advice. We're not all always flush with cash, and we understand that.

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