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Do you know why Express Sewer & Drain’s name is synonymous with Sacramento trenchless technology? It is because we’re passionate about the entire process, because we understand the science behind it, and in turn that helps us more effectively implement it and pass massive savings and top-of-the-line plumbing products along to our customers.

If you’ve used our services in the past, then you know this. You’ve seen us in action. If you haven’t and are needing to revamp your home, business’s or your city’s sewage system, then you should pay close attention to this post. What you’re about to learn is revolutionary. Trenchless technology, like so many common technologies we use in everyday lives, might have been thought of as science fiction in our not too distant past. The thing we have to ask is, ‘Why bother using outmoded, more expensive, more destructive and less durable methods of plumbing when we, and you, have at our disposal the most advanced plumbing methods in the world?’


Post Space-Age Piping: Why Sacramento Trenchless Technology Is Smart Plumbing

Trenchless Technology is the science of installing, repairing or renewing subterranean ducts, pipes and conduits using up-to-the-nanosecond techniques that minimize or eliminate the need for excavation. The use of such techniques will reduce environmental impact and expense while simultaneously providing economic alternatives to traditional open cut methods of installation, renewal or repair. You can think of those older methods that require digging as a telegraph, whereas our Sacramento trenchless technology is a bullet train. It’s super-fast, highly economical and cost-effective, ecofriendly and preserves commerce by not interrupting busy thoroughfares. So whether you’re a homeowner, a small business owner or a city planner, Express Sewer & Drain has the ideal trenchless technology solution custom suited to your needs. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is now.

How Trenchless Technology Such As Top Gun Manhole-To-Manhole Lining Works In Sacramento

Trenchless piping is installed via an existing opening in your sewer pipes. For example, for residential piping, an existing cleanout might be our access point. For municipalities, we’re likely to use a manhole to gain entry into a city’s waste and water supply infrastructure.  In the case of our premium Top Gun manhole-to-manhole sewer lining, there is absolutely no need to tear up valuable roads that provide access to businesses. That not only doesn’t deter customers from spending money into local economies, it saves city’s considerable tax-associated funds that can be appropriated for other uses. Brilliant!

We use the industry-leading Perma-liner technology. How does it work? We install an epoxy coated liner into the existing line until the patented resin blend seals the interior of the pipe line. As we stated elsewhere, it is a pipe within a pipe. Not only that, it’s a stronger, more durable and more resilient finished product.

Need another reason for your city to use Top Gun manhole-to-manhole lining? It’s lightning fast to install. It only takes a few hours to cure and our crews can complete jobs in a matter of hours.

Do you have more questions about the science behind Top Gun liner? Do you want to know about our epoxies? Do you need to know more about their chemical makeup? We can explain all of that to you. We can explain how different compositions are blended to suit your city’s soil. Trenchless pipe lining is extremely versatile and affordable. Contact us today to find out everything you need to know!

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