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Sewer Lateral Lining In Sacramento

If you work for a municipality, a county or the state and are in charge of making decisions about bids for pipeline infrastructure repair work and you haven’t already made the shift to trenchless technology, you should. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology has many benefits to the taxpayer that will surely reflect positively on your management decisions.

Trenchless technology is a kind of underground pipeline repair method that requirs very little or no digging to repair failing infrastructure. This technology is capable of being implemented for the installation of new or rehabilitation and replacement of the existing subterranean pipe lines and infrastructure with almost no interruption to businesses, traffic and other activities.

Sewer lateral lining, one type of CIPP, is implemented through an existing access point in a sewer or drain line – usually the cleanout on an individual property. We at Express exclusively us Perma-Liner Lateral Lining technology because it’s the best.

  • If you’re a contractor, contact us for your next sewer lateral lining contract in Sacramento.

How Does Sewer Lateral Lining Work?

Well, we put an epoxy coated liner into the pipe until the resin coats its inside. It then cures in place. The result is a pipe within a pipe, making it stronger and more resilient than it was even as a brand new pipe at the time of original installation. Sewer lateral lining is ideal for rehabilitating nearly any type of pipe flaws.  What’s more, it only takes a few hours to cure and complete the job. And that keeps costs down for contractors, cities, counties and the state. With lateral sewer lining, everybody wins!

We are also proud to announce that we’ve added Bowman cutters (6”-24”) for lateral reinstatements. We’ve recently written a few dedicated blogs about new equipment additions like CUES vans, Vac-Con trucks and other, newer Perma-Liner products all designed to make your job proceed flawlessly.

For those making decisions, we can’t understate the superiority of trenchless products like sewer lateral lining. For example, with lateral lining, you might well be working in a residential area where families need to get to work and school without interruption. With sewer lateral lining, you won’t have to worry about digging up all that asphalt and disrupting hundreds of lives. Express has the experience and the equipment to make both contractors and those in charge of civil engineering decisions live a whole lot easier.

And we’re great at what we do. Contact us for a free demonstration and for a look at our portfolio of work. We’re sure you will be impressed with our resume.

For Sewer Lateral Lining In Sacramento, Count On Express Sewer

Contractors: don’t risk subcontracting those valuable large municipal contracts to inexperienced companies who don’t already own their own fleet of specialized equipment and whose staff hasn’t been trained on it specifically. You want those contracts to keep rolling in, right? Call Express and get the best!


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