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Little Known Facts About Sewer RepairWhen dealing with damage to home and municipal sewer systems, many questions may come to mind about your repair options, and the preventative measures you can take to prevent future damage. With some professional help, going over your repair options and taking action against sewer damages can be much simpler.

 As any pipe repair specialist will tell you, there are solutions available that provide durable, long-lasting repairs without damaging your property or affecting municipal traffic. In this blog, we’ve taken the first of these repair steps for you by outlining some little-known facts about modern sewer repair.

Sewer Repairs Can Be Done Without Digging

Recent technical innovations and technologies about have made modern sewer repair a seamless process, the most significant new development being trenchless technology. These new methods virtually eliminate the need for large-scale digging, or “trenching,” in water system, pipeline and sewer repairs. This trait, among others, makes trenchless technology far superior to traditional sewer repair methods.

Homeowners and municipal sewer officials preserve both private lawns and normal traffic activity when they use trenchless technologies for sewer repairs.

Homeowners repairing their home sewer lines with trenchless technologies can avoid costly, time-consuming lawn renovations, and return to their daily lives sooner; most trenchless repairs can be completed in a span of hours. Much is the same for municipal sewer repairs. Trenchless technologies eliminate the need to stop traffic and reroute commerce, and cause the least disruption of any sewer repair method.

How is this even possible?

Modern trenchless repair methods use a technology known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to reline old pipes and seal cracks, fissures and deterioration. CIPP techniques essentially use a plastic mold material, not unlike PVC, to fill in damaged areas and patches of sewer lines. These liquid Perma-Liner solutions are fed into existing sewer pipes and coat pipe walls through pressurized force. The solutions are then cured within sewer pipes, creating a form-fitting, solid and durable result.

These trenchless repairs save you from the hassles of property damage and extensive landscaping, and keep municipal traffic running smoothly despite ongoing renovations.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs Are Affordable on Any Budget

Not only are trenchless repair techniques innovative and highly effective: they’re also affordable, and can fit with almost any personal or city sewer budget. With trenchless sewer repair’s great renovation speed and efficiency, labor costs and overheads are significantly cut back, creating huge service savings for homeowners and municipal professionals alike.

Cured-in-place sewer pipe lines return on their initial investments in short time, and can last over fifty years, easily. The incredible strength of trenchless repairs limits the need for future renovations, providing peace of mind for decades to come. The savings potential for trenchless technology is clear when compared to traditional repairs, where excavations and digging can span over days of difficult, and even dangerous, labor. Conventional sewer repairs can expose underground mold and asbestos concentrations, harmful to both you and repair specialists.

Save your precious time and money, and see the impressive benefits of trenchless repair technologies by contacting Express Sewer & Drain today!

Trenchless Technologies Have Broader Applications Than You May Think

Modern trenchless repair methods also serve a much wider range of applications than you may at first consider.

While trenchless professionals most commonly use their technology in sewer and pipe relining, cured-in-place pipe and trenchless techniques can also:

  • Provide durable lateral lining
  • Perform underground pipe reinstatement
  • Fully replace broken pipes beyond repair, with pipe bursting
  • Sectional pipe renovation, repairing segmented damage areas
  • Full water line replacement
  • Directional boring, which effectively installs underground pipe systems

This impressive range of trenchless applications has contributed to trenchless technology’s widespread growth in recent decades, and only encourages future innovation. The scope of damages trenchless repairs can resolve is also impressive, ranging from root and animal penetration to soil shifting and improper installation.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Can Repair Orangeburg Systems

Trenchless, cured-in-place pipe lining can also repair deteriorating and damaged Orangeburg pipe; pipe and sewer lines found commonly in homes built from 1945 to 1972. These systems were made primarily of lightweight fibers and tar paper, and because of such begin to deteriorate significantly after 30 or so years. Often, this occurs when bubbles accumulate within pipe layers, which block, deform and warp brittle Orangeburg pipes.

Fortunately, damaged Orangeburg pipes can also be repaired using trenchless technology. Much like standard sewer relining, trenchless specialists line the insides of Orangeburg pipe using advanced and dependable Perma-Liner epoxy solutions, which then cure to form new pipe structures. This solution cures any significant cracking or blockages within your Orangeburg pipes, and sets up your plumbing system for decades to come.

If you notice any home leaks, water flow blocks or even yard indentations, you may want to hire a specialist to evaluate the condition of your Orangeburg pipes. Contact the experts at Express Sewer & Drain today for your Sacramento pipe repair needs!

Why Does This Matter?

In the end, what do all of these things about trenchless technology mean for you, the customer?

Well, it means that there’s an incredible alternative to the traditional, property damaging sewer repair techniques of old. Employing a trenchless professional to evaluate damage to your home or municipal sewer pipes and conduct appropriate renovations can save you thousands in the long run. With trenchless solutions, you’ll be given the peace of mind that your new pipes will last for decades and decades to come.

Affordable. Non-disruptive. Efficient and preventative. The innovations of trenchless technology have revolutionized how sewer and plumbing installation experts handle pipe repairs.

To learn about what trenchless solutions can do for your home and municipal sewer lines, or more about the many applications of trenchless technology and CIPP, contact the experts at Express Sewer & Drain today. Their experienced trenchless professionals can help you with all of your sewer repair and pipe renovation needs.

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