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If you’re not a professional in the plumbing industry, chances are you aren’t likely to suspect when your pipes are breaking. Homeowners need to know what warning signs indicate corroded pipes that are at their breaking point. By not repairing your broken sewer pipes as soon as possible, you are setting yourself up for more costly and severe problems in the near future.

The following are 5 warning signs indicative of breaking sewage pipes that we have put together for Sacramento homeowners.

5 Warning Signs Your Sewer Pipes May Be Breaking

It may be time to have your sewer pipes inspected by professionals if you notice any of the following signs in your home or on your property.

1. Higher Water Bill

A higher water bill is the most accurate sign of pipe breakage because it provides an actual record of your water consumption rather than miscellaneous signs which could be caused by various other plumbing problems. Typically your monthly water bill varies between $10-$15 a month; however, an excessive increase in your water bill is the most common indicator that your pipes are leaking.

2. Lower Water Pressure or Flow

Another common sign of pipe damage is lower water pressure or flow. It is important to know that water pressure and flow are two different functions.

Water flow refers to the physical liquid, or volume, of water your receive from your sinks, shower heads, etc. If there is less flow, then somewhere along your piping there is a leak. On the other hand, water pressure refers to the force of the water that is being pushed out; lower pressure indicates that your piping has expanded, cracked, or burst.

Neither experience is desirable and can be quite an annoyance. Be sure to carefully inspect where the issue may be stemming from. There are several common causes for poor water pressure or flow, so you want to make sure you rule everything out besides a sewer pipe break.

3. Funky Odors

Mold and mildew are two forms of fungus that grow with the help of moisture and leave behind a musty odor. Exposure to mold can result in several adverse health effects, so you definitely want to address this problem quickly. If you are smelling a funky, musty odor in your home, then you likely have water damage or pockets of moisture built up as a result of a cracked pipe.

4. Persistent Clogging

A very simple sign of broken sewage pipes is persistent clogging. Most often clogs are associated with buildup of debris, grease, hair, etc. However, your pipes are also subject to clogging as a result of more serious damage. So, if your pipe is continually clogging after a video inspection or a thorough cleaning, then there is likely a break in your sewage system.

5. Damp Spots

If you haven’t spilled a glass of water on the floor and it’s damp, then it is most likely a result from a damaged pipe. When you notice these damp spots, you should not take them lightly. If you allow more moisture to build up, then it will cause mold or mildew to grow in your home.

Your Pipes Are Broken-- Now What?

If your Sacramento home is experiencing any of the previously mentioned warning signs that your sewer pipes may be breaking, then you should contact a Sacramento professional as soon as possible. If you allow funky odors, higher water bills, or clogs to continue, you run the risk of more damage and hefty repair bills.

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