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Avoid pipe replacement digging with trenchless pipe bursting solutions!Innovative pipe bursting is the trenchless solution for home plumbing and water line damages deemed too severe for standard repair options, such as epoxy resin lining and sectional cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repair. In these applications, repair itself becomes impractical; pipe damage has been ignored for too long, or spread too far, for repairing existing systems to make sense; instead, a full pipe replacement is in order.

While “full pipe replacement” might be cause for concern when you first hear it, there are actually advanced, new techniques available today that make pipe replacement not just easy, but also affordable. By contacting a trenchless expert in your area, you can fully replace your existing, damaged pipes with a seamless process known as trenchless pipe bursting.

1.) Minimal Digging Means Minimal Lawn Damage

Pipe bursting technologies fall under what specialists in the industry call trenchless technologies. These are the innovative plumbing solutions available today that allow professionals to perform repairs underground, without ever having to physically dig out, or excavate, damaged pipes.

Typically, trenchless repairs are completed with cured-in-place, epoxy resin Perma-liners, which effectively coat inner pipe walls and harden, creating new sections of pipe wall. However, in some applications, the damages are too severe or reach such an extent that CIPP repairs become impractical. In these cases, pipe bursting can be the ideal solution for pipe replacement.

Pipe bursting eliminates the need for digging in your home’s pipe replacement; using conical, sturdy bursting heads and small entry points, experts physically fragment and push away your existing, damaged pipe. A replacement pipe section, attached to the bursting head, is seamlessly fed into place once the existing pipe has been fractured, allowing for a replacement process much simpler than any other method.

2.) Pipe Bursting Costs a Fraction of Traditional Repairs

Often, the most expensive part about pipe repair and replacement is the resulting landscaping that comes from digging. As trenchless pipe bursting eliminates the need for digging entirely, homeowners can expect to spend a fraction of what they would if they had chosen traditional repair methods.

By eliminating digging from the pipe repair equation, trenchless technologies make it possible for homeowners to save at virtually all levels of their replacement tasks. Beyond landscaping costs after the fact, trenchless solutions help homeowners save in almost all aspects of their pipe replacement, including:

  • Overhead labor costs
  • Materials
  • Time of completion
  • Quality results for years to come

3.) Renovations Can be Completed in Hours

One of the best things about trenchless pipe bursting techniques is that they can typically be completed in a single day, most often in just a few hours’ time. The processes and technologies used in pipe bursting drastically simplify the pipe replacement process, which otherwise would take long labor hours spread over multiple days, and wind up costing homeowners a fortune in labor costs.

These long-lasting solutions can even improve water flow in your existing plumbing systems. Due to the innovative techniques used in pipe bursting (such as the physical fragmenting and spreading of damaged pipe), specialists can insert greater diameter replacements in place of your old, damaged pipe.

4.) Effective Solutions for Any Kind of Pipe, and Any Kind of Damage

Pipe bursting makes pipe replacement simple in practically every way, from initial renovation costs to quality of its results. Best of all, pipe bursting is an effective replacement solution for virtually any kind of pipe damage, to any kind of pipe system. It doesn’t matter how severe your pipe damage is, what caused it, or even the type of pipes you have in your home plumbing system.

Pipe bursting is an effective replacement solution for systems consisting of:

  • Clay pipe
  • Cast iron
  • Copper lining
  • Orangeburg pipes
  • PVC, and other cured-in-place or inserted pipe

Whether corrosion, the environment, soil shifting or deterioration with time has damaged your pipes, trenchless pipe bursting is the most efficient replacement solution in every case.

Pipe bursting techniques make full water line pipe replacement simple, saving homeowners thousands in renovation and landscaping, and requiring only a fraction of the repair time of traditional methods.

For applications in the Sacramento area, contact the experts at Express Sewer & Drain, whose combined years of trenchless experience provide the highest quality and longest lasting pipe bursting results.

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