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Don't dig out your sewer pipes! Instead, make the most of innovative manhole-to-manhole lining.If you’re a city or municipal planner taking on major sewer pipe damages, you may be faced with a few options for dealing with renovation efforts. Do I stay traditional, and hire specialists to manually dig out damaged pipe systems? How will this affect traffic and roadways? What are the alternatives available? What is manhole-to-manhole pipe lining, and how can it benefit sewer line repairs, specifically?

Manhole-to-manhole lining is the trenchless answer for municipal sewer repairs, taking the same, epoxy resin solutions as standard pipe relining and applying them to underground city sewer lines. Manhole-to-manhole sewer lining provides simple alternatives for often complex, expensive sewer damages.

Don’t disrupt normal traffic patterns for days on end, or tear apart streets and sidewalks to access damaged sewer line segments; trenchless manhole-to-manhole lining makes it possible to tend to sewer damage entirely without digging, which can save you thousands in labor, expensive materials and landscaping costs.

Resin Solutions Repair Pipes Without Digging

Trenchless manhole-to-manhole pipe lining is completed through the use of liquid, epoxy resin solutions and pressurized air hoses, which effectively cure-in-place new pipe segments.

During application, trenchless technicians will line the inner walls of compromised, damaged sewer system pipes with these liquid solutions through existing manhole entry points. The entire repair process, from resin application to pressurized curing, can be completed through existing points; digging is completely removed from the repair equation.

Using air pressure, technicians can then cure these solutions in-place (hence the name, “cured-in-place pipe”), essentially creating entire, new segments of sewer pipe walls with ease. Cured-in-place sewer repairs can be completed in as little as 2-3 hours, making full sewer repair a one-day process, as opposed to the days (if not weeks!) of traditional, digging municipal renovations.

Conventional sewer repairs can disrupt everyday traffic and road use for days; trenchless, manhole-to-manhole lining can be completed without traffic interference at all.

Lining for Virtually Any Sewer Damage

Manhole-to-manhole pipe lining is the quickest and least invasive way for municipal workers to resolve the many problems a broken sewer pipe can cause. From astronomically expensive, infrastructural damage to hazardous waste water leaks, cured-in-place lining can help you ensure that minor pipe problems do not develop into full-scale sewer system disasters.

Beyond speed of installation and landscaping benefits, cured-in-place sewer lining is an especially attractive repair option for its versatility. Essentially, you can use trenchless, manhole-to-manhole lining to resolve any sewer pipe problem, including:

  • Cracking or fractures due to temperature changes
  • Breakage due to shifting soil or earth, or other environmental causes
  • Leaking along sewer joints, often due to poor installation
  • Natural corrosion, which typically develops with time

Whatever reason for your municipal sewer pipe failure, innovative manhole-to-manhole pipe repairs can restore affected systems with ease and quick turnaround time.

Savings and Results for Decades to Come

With simple application, non-invasive repairs and uniformly bodied results, trenchless, cured-in-place pipe delivers savings and reliability for years to come. Once installed, you can expect a repaired sewer line segment to perform at peak capacity for over 50 years to come; that’s multiple decades worth of peace of mind over your municipal sewer systems.

Taking into account hard financial numbers, the benefits of manhole-to-manhole lining greatly outweigh the hassles of traditional, digging-intensive sewer repairs. There’s simply no longer a need to physically excavate damaged sewer pipes, tear apart roads and disrupt everyday traffic.

Epoxy, liquid resin liners make municipal sewer repairs simple by doing away with digging, which means huge savings for you in both the short- and long-term.

  • Streamlined, subterranean processes mean zero landscaping renovations or expensive sidewalk/roadway restoration
  • Super-efficient installation processes keep work and labor requirements to a minimum, and limit the number of pipe repair technicians needed on-site
  • Hard materials are much less in demand than in conventional repairs; it’s far more affordable to cure resin pipe walls than purchase entirely new sewer pipe segments
  • Since trenchless repairs provide durable protection against common intrusions, future sewer breaks are made almost impossible

If your municipal pipe systems have been compromised by environmental conditions, corrosion or simple old age, trenchless manhole-to-manhole lining can restore those pipes with unmatchable ease. Don’t bother hiring laborers to manually dig out pipe sections, which can cost tens of thousands and interfere with everyday traffic for weeks to come.

Instead, take advantage of modern innovations to pipe repair, and contact trenchless specialists in your area today.

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