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Swimming Pool Plumbing Repair

Nothing beats jumping into the pool on a hot day in California. Unfortunately, pools come with problems. Sometimes, it’s an easy DIY fix, like correcting a chemical imbalance using your own pool plumbing supplies. Other times, you may need to call in a professional with the know-how and the right plumbing equipment. In this blog, we’ll highlight some pool plumbing repairs you may need to take care of in the future.

4 Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Problems

Here’s a look at some swimming pool plumbing problems you may face down the road, for inground pool plumbing and above-ground pool plumbing.

1. Pool Pump Problems

Sometimes, air can get caught in your swimming pool’s circulatory system. When air is introduced into the pool pump, it won’t be able to move water, which means the pump system won’t be able to filter it clean resulting in cloudy and dirty water. Things can get progressively worse from there.

If you allow air to stay in the pool circulatory system, it winds up overworking the system causing the pump to overheat and stop, requiring replacement. A worst-case scenario? The pool’s filter tank can burst because of built-up pressure. Unsurprisingly, a burst pump can be costly to fix, and it can be dangerous if it happens when people are in the pool.

2. Buildup Of Dirt And Debris

Most pool owners simply think of dirt and debris as unsightly. However, too much dirt and debris can cause pool plumbing problems. When dirt and debris enter the pool filtration system, clogs can form. Additionally, smaller pieces of debris can make their way into pool plumbing valves and covers, allowing air to get in (leading to the situation described in #1 above). 

It’s important to skim your pool with a pool net regularly to remove debris (leaves, etc.) and ask guests to shower before entering the pool in order to avoid damage-causing buildup.

3. Filter Pressure Changes

To keep your pool water safe, it’s important that your swimming pool filter is always working properly. However, the filter’s pressure can change leading to unsafe water conditions.

  • Decrease in Filter Pressure. This can happen if there is trapped air, clogs, or the wrong pool value settings are being used.
  • Increase in Filter Pressure. This can happen if there is dirt, algae, or some other form of debris blocking the pool’s filter.

The good news? Regular pool cleaning from a reputable company can keep this from occurring.

4. Pool Plumbing Leaks

Probably the biggest fear of any pool owner is a pool leak. A leak is wasteful when it comes to your wallet and the high water bill. It’s also an issue due to California’s water restrictions during drought. But what may begin as a little leak can grow into a big problem; left unattended, the leak can become larger, ultimately resulting in the need to completely replace an above-ground pool plumbing system or drain and repair an inground pool. 

There are a number of different leaks that can cause pool plumbing problems.

  • Suction Side Leaks. Leaks on the suction side will pull air into the pipes when the pump is on, and typically leak water out when it’s off. Often, the problem lies with the threaded PVC fitting that screws into the front of the pump. You can usually patch this with pool putty or silicone for a temporary repair, but calling in a pool repairman or plumber who can cut out and replace pipes or fittings is the best solution.
  • Pressure Side Leaks. Pool equipment, such as the pump, filter, heater, or chlorinator, can all leak water. Often, this is due to leaks in the pipes and fittings that connect the pool and all of the pool equipment (the most common pool plumbing leaks on the pressure side are glue joints or threaded joints, where PVC male and female connections are made). Pressure side pool leak repairs cannot be effectively patched from the inside or outside, so it’s best to have a plumbing professional cut out and replace the pool equipment.
  • Underground Leaks. Thankfully, underground pool pipes rarely freeze in California. However, they can still be damaged by tree roots, settling decks, and shifting soils. If you suspect an underground leak, a pool plumbing professional can conduct a check and offer various repair options.

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