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Wasting water is probably the least favorable thing to do for your finances and for the environment-- especially with the current California drought. Whether you are a homeowner or a renting tenant, water damage is one of the last things you should have to be burdened by.

If you experience clogged drains, an accumulation of water inside your home or have acquired a puddle in your front yard, how do you determine whether you need to repair or replace a faulty pipeline?

What if a simple plunger or unclogging agent could remedy the built up pressure in the pipes? Maybe there is a microscopic hole in your pipeline causing the minor leak; how do you know if the leak or crack is detrimental and needs to be replaced or if it simply requires a quick repair? What’s the first step?

1st Step: Sewer Inspection

Before you repair or replace a faulty pipeline, you need to evaluate the problem to determine its proper solution. The experts at Express Sewer & Drain will perform an initial video sewer inspection on the damaged pipeline to gain clarity of the condition of the existing pipe.

This will help identify the best solution per damage to the pipe. The process begins with precision video cameras being inserted into your line to better examine whether your pipes are broken (cracks, fissures) or simply obstructed (hair, grease, scaling).

Based on the video inspection, your professional plumber can also evaluate the cause of the damage and determine the appropriate repair method for it. Sewer inspections are highly recommended not only for when a problem arises, but also for preventative measures too.

2nd: Determine If It Needs to be Repaired or Replaced?

Should you repair or replace the faulty pipeline? In either prognosis, traditional pipeline repairing and replacing can easily rack up a hefty bill. Express Sewer & Drain are leaders in trenchless technology plumbing repairs for the greater Sacramento area. Trenchless technology can repair or replace your faulty pipeline without digging large holes into your yard to access the pipe and without a hefty bill.

Evaluating the video inspection will help determine whether the pipeline needs to be repaired or replaced. Both trenchless repair and replacement use a Perma-Liner to seamlessly fill in the cracks of the pipe or line the interior of the pipe to create a new pipeline. Trenchless technology uses different repair and replacing methods depending on how fragile or durable the existing pipeline is.

Your Sacramento Plumber

Wasting water due to a faulty pipe can be expensive. Pipelines do have life lines, however, there are measures you can take to avoid cracks and damages. Contact a professional plumber to conduct routine video inspections and determine the condition of your pipelines. If you are already experiencing a faulty pipeline, the professionals at Express Sewer & Drain will conduct an initial pipeline inspection to determine whether the damaged pipelines are repairable or replaceable.

Based on the severity of damage the pipe has will determine which trenchless technology would be best suited to fix the faulty pipe. Contact a professional plumber today to see what condition your pipes are in.

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