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Have you ever had one of your underground lines disturbed? Whether the problem is a disturbance in your water, sewer, septic, irrigation, utility or gas lines, fixing the broken line due to incompetence on a “professional” or amateurs part is never ideal and tends to be an inconvenient waste of time.

Recently, one of our readers sought assistance with utility locating on a former private residence that is now open land, covering approximately 100 square feet in the greater Sacramento area.

When you purchase or invest in a piece of real estate, you should have a “blueprint” that maps out where all underground water and utility lines are laid beneath the soil. Not knowing where these various lines are located could result in repeated flooding from uninformed plumbing repair, cable and telecommunication interruptions from fractured lines, and build up or leaks in your sewer and septic lines.

Benefits of Utility Locating

From a plumbing standpoint, there is nothing worse for a new homeowner than not knowing where the utility lines are located under your snazzy slab of real estate. As previously mentioned, having a blueprint of your underground communication and utility lines can save you from future hassles and expenses.

Some benefits of using a professional plumber for utility locating services, such as Express Sewer & Drain in the greater Sacramento area, are:

  • Avoiding unnecessary power and water outages
  • Eliminating extra expenses
  • Ensuring proper future plumbing repairs

3 Underground Facts

Like the creases on your palms, no two underground pipelines are mapped out the same. There is no one-size-fits-all layout for underground utility and communications lines, and the professional plumbers at Express Sewer & Drain know that. Knowing some important underground utility facts can prove beneficial in the long run. The following are three super important facts you should know:

  1. Straight lines are better left for rulers. Each individual underground water, sewer and utility line may not be dug in a straight line to your home.
  2. There are no installation records left behind, from the home builder, on your water and sewer service lines for when they were extended from the curb cock valve to the house.
  3. Sometimes the curb cocks that are in driveways may require a casing prior to the concrete being poured.

Utility Location Services

Utility_locating.jpgThere are a number of plumbing repair companies that offer utility locating as one of their many services; however, this is one service that often gets overlooked. Make sure you do your research into these professional plumbing organizations and understand their reputation and repairing processes.

For example, Express Sewer & Drain services the greater Sacramento area and provides utility locating services. In fact, before our service repair teams even begin to unearth your real estate to perform repairs, we use the most advanced equipment available to detect underground utilities and telecommunication cables.

Get Your Underground Blueprint

To answer our reader’s question, yes, Express Sewer & Drain offers utility locating services. You, too, can benefit from using a professional plumbing service such as Express Sewer & Drain to blueprint your underground utilities, and and avoid future hassles of improper underground line repairs. Feel free to contact Express Sewer & Drain for all your plumbing repair needs.

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