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Being a real estate agent can be a tough job. There’s a lot of regulations to follow, it can take weeks or months to sell a property, and if anything goes wrong, you’re the first person that gets the angry calls.

For many real estate agents in Sacramento, a plumber can be your best friend when negotiating a sale.

What does being a real estate agent in Sacramento have to do with knowing a plumber?

Quite a lot, actually. There are a few reasons why every real estate agent working in Sacramento should make it a point to get to know a plumber from the area:

To Thoroughly Vet a Structure’s Plumbing

The first, and most obvious, reason why a real estate agent should know a Sacramento plumber is to get that plumber’s help in checking the condition of a structure’s pipes and plumbing.

While Sacramento isn’t too close to the San Andreas fault, home plumbing systems can still be affected by distant earthquakes. Add to this the aging pipelines in most homes, and the countless other potential causes for damage to plumbing, and the need for a thorough inspection is clear.

By getting to know a plumber, Sacramento-based real estate agents can get thorough inspections of a structure’s plumbing systems prior to closing deals. This helps to limit liabilities in case of a plumbing failure since the buyer and seller will be aware of the situation.

To Fix Severe Plumbing Problems in a House Before the Sale

While some house sales are done with an “as is” stipulation regarding the condition of plumbing and other parts of the structure, most high-end real estate sales have some enforceable guarantees about the condition of the building.

In these high-value sales, it’s vital to prevent problems with the plumbing. Water damage from faulty pipes could require costly remediation—including tear-out and replacement of building materials.

Finding and fixing plumbing problems before the sale is often far less costly (and less headache-inducing) than dealing with a burst or leaking pipe after the fact.

To Protect the Good Name of Their Real Estate Agency

In the real estate business, your good name can make the difference between success and failure. Trust, once lost, is incredibly difficult to build back up.

By getting to know a Sacramento plumber and having that plumber help you with plumbing issues in the properties you manage or sell, you can protect your real estate agency’s good name with buyers and sellers in Sacramento.

Preventing plumbing problems in your real estate deals is a key part of making sure deals go smoothly, and making yourself into the go-to real estate agent for Sacramento.

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