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3_Cost_Benefits_of_Choosing_Trenchless_Technology_for_Sewer_Repair.jpgRepairing or replacing compromised pipes shouldn’t be an expensive venture-- it should be hassle free. Traditional mending is typically an overwhelming process and can easily rack up a hefty bill when the job’s completed. There is another method for mending damaged sewage systems, it’s called trenchless technology.

Depending on the placement of your compromised pipe,trenchless technology is the leader in efficiency compared to traditional repairs.Trenchless technology may seem like it costs more up-front, $80-$250 per foot compared to $50- $250, but it costs much less in the long run.

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3 Cost Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology repairs are minimally invasive and only require access to the pipe’s entry ways. Deciding which repair method, traditional or trenchless, depends on the location of the damaged pipe. There are, however, 3 major cost benefits for mending your damaged pipe via trenchless technologies including the following.

1. Minimal Labor

Traditional pipe repair means more manual labor; this is in part due to excavation and re-landscaping costs. With trenchless technology, there is no digging involved. As long as there is access to the pipes entry points, mending your pipes won’t require extensive manual labor-- even after the pipes are repaired.

2. Resource Efficient

When you repair or replace your faulty pipes using a trenchless technology, you are being financially, environmentally and time efficient. Again, the face value of trenchless technology may seem like it costs more, but when you dissect the time, labor and aftermath costs of traditional dig-and-repair mending, trenchless technologies are far less costly.

It is also the greener mending option; extensive digging can expose toxic substances that can infiltrate your potable water supply which is never a good thing. Plus, replacing a pipe with traditional methods means scrapping the old pipe and putting a new one in its place; trenchless technology uses the existing compromised pipe by lining it with new material creating a new pipe. Trenchless technology is also considerate of your busy day by being entirely complete in a matter of hours-- not days or weeks.

3. Longevity

Unlike metal or plastic pipes, Perma-liner and epoxy resin repair solutions used for trenchless technology mending have a higher performance lifespan of over 50 years. Trenchless technology Perma-liners and epoxy resins are more than a temporary solution, they prevent future line damages from occurring.

Calculating the Cost

The average cost of traditional repair, $4,000-$13,000, can double when factoring the cost of digging, depth, pipe location, streets, utilities, sidewalks or driveways that lie above the broken pipe into the cost equation; if you have to displace or restore ground level fixtures, you can wind up paying $25,000, if not more, for a single repair job.

Trenchless technology solutions require minimal labor and excavating, longevity and efficiency. If your sewage system is in need of mending, contact an expert who can calculate the cost benefits of choosing trenchless technology for your sewer repair.

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