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3_Common_Misconceptions_Plumbing.jpgDo you remember when you were younger and someone told you that spaghetti noodles were worms? Maybe you read a celebrity tabloid; you know, the ones that draw your attention in with the latest gossip about which Hollywood sweethearts are splitting up. We have all believed a misconception or two at some point in our lives.

Sometimes, these misconceptions are based on one good or bad interaction, which ends up forming a misconception about an entire organization, cause or industry. For example, the plumbing industry has received mixed reviews due to some companies or independent contractors having poor interactions with customers; In turn, some of these poor interactions have created misconceptions, or fallacies, about the plumbing industry.

Common Misconceptions Explained

Below are some of the most common fallacies about plumbing contractors, with explanations of how they may have come about.

  • They only know plumbing

Plumbing is considered blue collar work, which some imagine as being easy, menial or basic work; however, when the toilet is overflowing or the pipelines outside your home have burst - causing a flood and an expensive water bill - this blue collar worker has anything but a basic job ahead of him or her.

Since plumbing is a trade, many people think that plumbing is the only thing that people in this profession know. To clarify, it’s not. There is more to plumbing than the handy household plunger and wrench.

Plumbing contractors are people who live and work in the real world, but they are also highly skilled and have professional knowledge of helpful techniques and methods for repairing pesky plumbing problems. They are problem solvers.

Sometimes, if a person has hired a plumbing contractor who hasn’t passed or updated his or her certifications and trainings, that contractor may not be up to date on the latest plumbing repair trends and techniques.

Also, plumbing repairs can get messy, but should be tidied up at the end of the repair. Projects can also have lengthy repair times that require a massive amount of time. During this repair time, it can seem like a construction zone - messy.

The experts at Express Sewer and Drain try to avoid inconveniencing their customers in any way, shape or form when possible. By using trenchless technologies for pipe repair, for example, massive amounts of digging can be avoided when repairing underground pipelines and the hassle of re-landscaping.

  • They charge too much

Another misconception is that plumbing contractors make up their prices, tack on hidden fees, take their time to up the charge or take their time when en-route to customers. It can feel like this when you were quoted one estimate and then charged another.

The estimate you were quoted or saw on their website is simply that: an estimate. Once the plumber gets a live, hands-on look at what repairs are really needed for the best solution, he or she can then give an exact price.

You may disagree with the amount they are charging. If this is the case, you may feel more comfortable getting an estimate from a few plumbing contractors to gain a rough understanding of what the average charge for your type of repair is.

Also, there is a misconception that plumbing contractors charge hefty overtime fees. While this may be the case, you should do some research, because some plumbing contractors charge low or reasonable overtime or may not even charge for overtime. At Express Sewer and Drain, we DO NOT charge overtime for any plumbing repair job.

  • They use jargon to make the customer feel stupid

Like some doctor visits you may have experienced, there is trade jargon in plumbing that you may get lost in conversation over. This can leave you thinking that the plumbing contractor is trying to belittle you, or can change your perception into thinking that all plumbers are rude.

This isn’t the case. Plumbing contractors use trade jargon because it is how they are used to communicating in their profession; if they do use trade jargon, it should be respectfully accompanied by a clear explanation for those who aren’t in the trade.

All Cleared Up

Hopefully, this has cleared up a few misconceptions you might have about the plumbing industry and enabled you to rethink a few misunderstandings you may have heard or thought.

Don’t forget to read up on a few plumbing contractors you were thinking about using for your repairs and familiarize yourself with their fees and practices. Also, remember your plumber is knowledgeable about other things, but most skilled in plumbing.

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