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A leaky kitchen pipe is a common pipe repair that you can do yourself. There are many reasons a pipe may leak, but the most common reason is a worn out washer. If you notice that your kitchen pipe is leaking at the place where two drain pipes connect, this is the problem. Fortunately, you can make this simple pipe repair at home. For this type of pipe repair, all you need to do is replace the slip nut and its washer between the two pipes that show the leak.

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Simple Pipe Repair Guide

Follow these easy steps for your DIY pipe repair.

Pipe Repair—Prep

Before you begin your pipe repair, clear out the items below the sink to give yourself more room. Then turn off the water to the kitchen sink, or the entire house if there’s no turn-off valve. Next, place a bucket under the pipes. This will catch water that’s already in the pipes as you complete your pipe repair.

Pipe Repair—Disassemble Pipe

  • To begin your pipe repair, loosen the slip nut of the pipe that’s leaking. You can do this by hand for plastic pipes. For metal pipes, use a pipe wrench.  
  • Remove the pipe and dispose of the old washer and slip nut. For metal pipes, pull off any old plumber’s tape.  

Pipe Repair—Replace Parts

  • The next phase of your pipe repair is to replace the old parts. Place the new slip nut onto the pipe. Make sure the threads of the nut are facing the threading on the pipe that you want to connect it to.
  • Next, push the new washer on the pipe with the slip nut. The thicker end of the washer must face the slip nut.
  • The next step in your pipe repair is to reassemble the pipes. Reconnect the pipes by inserting the pipe with the slip nut and washer into the pipe that it connects to.
  • Press the washer into the gap between the two pipes. The thinner end of the washer should go into the gap between the two pipes.
  • For metal pipes, wrap plumber’s tape on the threads of the pipe without the slip nut on it. (PVC pipe does not need plumber's tape.)
  • Screw the slip nut onto the threading of the other pipe you want to connect to. Tighten the nut by hand, or use a pipe wrench for metal pipes. Your pipe repair is complete!

Pipe Repair—Test

  • Now that you’ve replaced the parts and reassembled your pipe, check your pipe repair. Turn the water back on and run the faucet. Check to make sure the pipe is no longer leaking.

Call For More Help With Pipe Repair

That’s it! You’ve completed a simple pipe repair at home. If the pipe continues to leak or you have another plumbing need, call the experts at Express Sewer & Drain. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about pipe repair or other household plumbing problems.

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