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cured in place pipe liningSewer pipe lining is a really nifty thing. At least, we think so—we like it enough to do it. It’s one of the most amazing things to ever happen to our field. Instead of performing a vast amount of work for what should have always been a simple procedure, now we can, in fact, use a simple procedure to repair what used to take days—sometimes even weeks!

But, did you know that sewer pipe lining has benefits for all of us? Besides making us more efficient, there are things that it does for you that should make you exited, too. After all, who doesn’t like easier and more efficient? (We know, we know—people who don’t care about plumbing. Still, pay attention!) There are three main benefits that we can think of that should help you see why we like it so much. They are, in no particular order:

It’s Trenchless!

The first and most obvious thing that we should mention is that sewer pipe lining is part of a group of techniques known as trenchless technology. It’s called trenchless because, well, we don’t dig trenches to do the procedure (shocking, we know!). For your municipality or home, it’s an amazing thing to not have to dig up a road to get what you need done, done.

Imagine having traffic travel above your roads (or not losing landscaping) while a leaky, nasty pipe is being lined and repaired. There’s even the benefit that there’s no interruption to flow—if we have to block the pipe, we can pump sewage from upstream to downstream, past the patch.

It’s clean and doesn’t require backhoes and repaving and traffic annoyances and…well, you get the idea.

It’s Green!

We’re not talking about the color so much as we’re talking about the environmental benefits. We detailed it earlier in that we don’t have to rip anything up to get the job done, but that also means that we don’t rip up flower beds, asphalt, concrete, or any other man-made substance, either. The nice part is that because we don’t touch natural resources or man-made objects, there’s no cost to replace or effect on the environment. (Imagine all that tar you’re not using in repaving…)

This means that if you’re conscious of the environment and looking for a solution, look no further. We add to the pipe to repair it rather than replacing or removing sections of pipe to get the job done. And the materials used in the lining, while they do contain plastics, are less environmentally destructive than the fuel and resources used to put everything back together.

It’s Elegant!

The reason why we like the solution so much is that it’s probably the most elegant thing that we’ve seen. It’s not just incredibly practical, it’s beautiful to us. When we bring our trucks and equipment to put the liner into place and cure it, it’s all done without the need of any major earth-moving equipment. We like that we can stand by the edge of a road, feed a liner into a pipe, and cure it in place so that there’s minimal effort involved. It’s not exactly a dinner conversation topic (for you, not for us—we love this stuff), but it most certainly is something we think very highly of.

Ultimately, lining your sewer pipe rather than replacing it is one of our favorite inventions. It’s simple and quick, and we think that’s it’s a beautiful solution to what is most definitely an ugly problem. If you’ve got a pipe that is leaking sewage, then we’re the people you’ll need to call. We’re as fast and efficient as the equipment that we use, and we’re more than willing to get the job done for you.

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