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Lateral Lining AdvantagesLateral lining is an unbeatable trenchless solution for damage and corrosion to a home’s lateral pipes. The technology behind lateral lining, called cured-in-place pipe, has made this trenchless repair the ideal solution for both homeowners and pipe repair specialists nationwide. Incredibly efficient, cost-effective, and with reliable results, lateral lining repairs are the perfect techniques for your home’s pipe damage.

In this blog, we’ve gathered 8 awesome facts you may or may not have known about trenchless lateral lining!

1.) Lateral Lining Can Repair Almost Any Damages

No matter why your home or property’s lateral pipes need repair, trenchless, or cured-in-place, lateral lining solutions can help. Trenchless lateral solutions are ideal for any pipe damage situation, and can repair your home’s plumbing pipes with unmatched efficiency.

Trenchless lateral lining can repair damages such as:

  • Common cracks or breaks that develop with time
  • Root and plant penetration
  • Off-set pipes
  • Faulty or mismatched pipe joints
  • Missing pipe sections
  • Lateral pipe corrosion
  • Damages from soil and foundational shifting
  • Animal activity damages

No matter the cause or extent of your home’s lateral pipe damage, trenchless, cured-in-place solutions can perform any repairs you need with unparalleled speed. 

2.) Liquid, Perma-Liner Solutions Eliminate Digging

Additionally, cured-in-place pipe repairs can be completed without ever digging up your yard, as is often required with traditional repairs! Conventionally, “dig-and-replace” repairs call for large-scale digging operations to excavate your lateral pipes and fully replace them with new pipe lines; the entire length of your home’s pipe would need to be dug out, resulting in expensive landscaping renovations and unsightly yard conditions. Trenchless lateral lining repairs are completed entirely underground, mitigating property damage while seamlessly renovating pipe damage.

3.) Trenchless Repairs Save Money In Both The Short And Long Term

Probably the greatest benefit of cured-in-place lateral lining solutions is their cost-effectiveness in both the near and far future. With minimal hard labor and operation costs, overheads are low. Plainly, there is no extensive labor to even be charged for! The entire repair process is done completely underground, and finished in a single day, which eliminates expensive work costs.

Further, the strength of these trenchless repair pipes keeps your home’s lateral lining functional for decades to come! This saves you additional money down the line, protecting your pipes from further damages.

4.) Trenchless Lateral Lining Pipe Can Be Stronger Than Standard Pipes

That’s right! The resulting pipes from trenchless lateral lining can even outlast your current, standard metal pipes. This is simply because the cured, epoxy-resin pipe is molded in-place, as one cohesive body. There are no seams, connections or joints that can break, or corrodible components holding the pipe together. Innovative lateral lining solutions can last for over 50 years, and give you peace of mind about your home’s lateral pipes. 

5.) Lateral Lining Only Takes Hours To Complete

When it comes to lateral lining damage, you’ll want to find the quickest and least intrusive repairs possible. Amazingly, the entire cured-in-place lateral lining process can be fully completed in a mere matter of hours! This efficiency is made possible by eliminating the need for manual digging methods, which can take days, if not longer, to repair your home’s lateral pipes.  Not only that, but trenching, digging lateral repairs destroy your lawn, and can ruin your property. Trenchless lateral lining is the fastest and most effective solution for your home’s plumbing repairs. 

6.) Cured-In-Place Lining Can Repair Pipes In Larger Buildings

If you’re a commercial building, housing or condominium owner, you’re probably familiar with how frustrating broken or damaged pipes can be. Angry tenants, costly repairs and extensive labor all build up in one cohesively problematic situation. Fortunately, trenchless, cured-in-place lining can even repair breaks in your building’s plumbing and lateral lining systems! For your pipe repairs, you’ll never again need to tear apart walls or ruin expensive flooring.

Perma-liner solutions for larger buildings eliminate the need for property damage. Often making use of small entry points on building roofs, these techniques effectively repair your property’s damaged pipes without the need for major renovations and labor later on. Cured-in-place lining can repair rainwater pipes with ease, and even reline sewer pipes in mere hours. It’s the inexpensive, safe and quick alternative to traditional pipe repair.

7.) Lateral Pipe Lining is Made Easy With Video Inspection

Trenchless experts will also often use innovative video inspection technology to properly diagnose pipe damages, and better present you with renovation options. For some extreme cases, lateral lining cannot fix serious lateral pipe damage. In these cases, however, another trenchless solution is available: pipe bursting! Using much of the same techniques and technologies as trenchless lining applications, these pipe replacements minimize lawn damage and can be done with incredible efficiency. 

8.) The Benefits of Modern Lateral Lining Are Vast

Sure, trenchless lateral lining repairs can fix and seal any cracks in your lateral lining pipes, but how much do you really know about the benefits this technology provides? These benefits go much farther than you might think.

  • Perma-liner solutions meet NSF Standard 14
  • These solutions can even increase flow efficiency
  • Resulting liners are made of non-woven, no-stretch material
  • Cured-in-place liner can reline 4” to 6” transitions
  • Trenchless lateral lining is IAPMO certified
  • The formulated epoxy Perma-liners prevent future infiltration

For more information of trenchless lateral lining solutions, and what you can do right now to improve your home’s pipes and plumbing with trenchless technologies, contact Express Sewer & Drain right now! Our pipe repair professionals are experts on trenchless technology, and can help you find the ideal solution for your plumbing needs.

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