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Misconceptions about Lateral LiningWhen dealing with severe lateral pipe damages, many homeowners are faced with difficult repair choices. While they could have plumbing renovators dig out their broken pipes and repair them through excavation, there’s another solution called “lateral lining” that often stirs their attention.

As lateral lining is a unique and new solution, there are some very common misconceptions that wary homeowners have toward it; misconceptions that, when proved wrong, introduce homeowners to a highly effective, affordable and durable pipe repair solution.

1.) How The Entire Process Works

Home and property owners sometimes shy away from lateral lining methods out of sheer unfamiliarity; they don’t understand the process, or how it can better serve their lateral pipes than conventional digging repairs.

It all begins with a video pipe inspection, which is done with a small camera attached to a snaking tool. This allows plumbing specialists to identify exact damage areas and measure how much lining will need to be applied. A PVC-coated liner is then covered in an epoxy resin, and applied to the insides of your existing pipe with air pressure. An air bladder is then sent through the pipe and expanded, helping the liner adhere to the original pipe.

In just a few hours, the resin is cured and the bladder is removed, leaving in its place a seamless, durable pipe body. Plumbing professionals will then perform another video inspection to make sure the liner is applied properly.

2.) Lateral Lining Is No Better Than Conventional Methods

False. Lateral lining‘s straightforward application process is what sets the method apart from conventional pipe repair methods, which usually involve fully excavating your lateral pipe. These techniques not only damage your yard with thorough digging, but can also expose hidden mold or underground asbestos, harmful to plumbing repair workers, yourself and your family.

The lateral lining process is part of a larger, innovative concept: trenchless technology. These technologies are called such because they incorporate epoxy Perma-liners, pressurization machines and liquid formulas to repair damaged pipe systems, eliminating the need for expensive trenching (digging). Trenchless lateral lining repairs protect not only your home and lawn, but also your wallet and your well-being. Trenchless methods require minimal labor, which limits the high service overhead costs typical of conventional repairs.

3.) Lining Repairs Are Limited To Pipe Cracks

Another common misconception about lateral lining concerns the scope of the technology’s applications. When you think of what lateral lining repairs can accomplish, you probably think of sealing typical pipe cracks, or minor punctures. In actuality, trenchless lateral lining can tackle a wide range of pipe damages, and repair almost anything with unparalleled ease.

These epoxy liner techniques are perfect for:

  • Root penetration
  • Chemical deterioration
  • Aging damages
  • Punctures made by animal activity
  • Faulty pipe installation
  • Corrosion
  • Pipe offsets
  • Damage from soil shifting

It’s this broad range of uses that has helped lateral lining methods spread in popularity across the country, and become the preferred repair method for plumbing specialists nationwide.

4.) Lateral Lining Isn’t Worth The Investment

Sometimes, homeowners are hesitant toward trenchless lateral lining solutions because they are unaware of how efficiently these solutions pay off on their initial investments. With little labor requirements, these technologies all but eliminate the burdensome, expensive overhead costs of conventional pipe repair.

As these solutions are also incredibly durable, they can save you substantial money by preventing future pipe damage and corrosion, giving you peace of mind about your home’s lateral pipes. Innovation does not always have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are trenchless solutions available for any home budget.

5.) Lateral Lining Takes Too Long

One common misconception about lateral lining technologies concerns the length of the application process itself; as the technology is often a new concept to homeowners, they are skeptical about its alleged installation speed. The truth is just what trenchless experts are telling you! Lateral lining applications can be completed in a matter of hours for most home lateral repairs, allowing you to get the stress of damaged plumbing behind you and move on, with little overhead and labor costs.

In fact, the most time-consuming step in trenchless lateral lining application is the liquid resin curing process, which solidifies the connection between your damaged pipes and the new liner; a process which is completed in a few hours. Where manual pipe digging repairs can take upwards of days, if not longer, to complete, innovative lateral lining solutions provide a seamless and lawn-preserving alternative. 

6.) Lining Is A Short-Term Solution

This misconception is probably the most widespread one featured in this list. When plumbing specialists describe trenchless technologies and Perma-liner solutions to homeowners for the first time, homeowners sometimes develop poor mental images of what the resulting product will be. Terms such as “PVC,” “liquid solution” and “resin lining” can make some homeowners relate lateral lining pipes to cheaper plastic solutions; solutions that would be ineffective and impractical solutions.

Lateral lining pipes, however, are as strong as conventional pipe lines, if not stronger. They can last over 50 years with ease, and the tough, sturdy liner material prevents further damages from occurring. Trenchless technologies are not low grade, cheap fixes; they are highly effective, long-term plumbing solutions for any pipe system.

7.) Lateral Lining Is The Only Trenchless Method

However, trenchless lateral lining is an impractical fix under certain situations, as a plumbing specialist may tell you upon evaluating your home’s lateral pipes and plumbing. Fortunately, innovative trenchless solutions are not limited to lateral Perma-liners.

Trenchless experts can fully replace pipes with a technique known as pipe bursting, target narrower, congested pipe damage with sectional point repair, and tend to municipal sewer systems with manhole-to-manhole lining. These solutions share the efficiency and quality results of lateral pipe lining, while resolving a broader array of damages.

No matter your plumbing or pipe damage situation, innovative trenchless technologies can meet your needs with unmatched products and unbeatable efficiency. To learn more about lateral lining solutions, or what other trenchless technologies you may want to consider for your home’s pipe systems, contact us today.

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