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Perma-liner Trenchless Water Line Replacement

When you think about a water line replacement, a few things will likely come to mind. For one, you wonder if your lawn is going to be absolutely ruined. Even more burdensome will be the main water line replacement’s toll on your bank account, you might expect.

Despite all the costs, however, it’s not as if you can just live on without a functioning water line. It’s a sacrifice you, along with many other homeowners, will eventually have to make. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

Advances in pipe clearing and replacement technologies have practically eliminated the need for large-scale excavation, and are saving homeowners from the hassles that come with it. With trenchless technologies, a water main line replacement can be a quick fix rather than a strenuous process.

10 Water Line Replacement Facts

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1. Modern Line Replacement is Incredibly Efficient

When we consult with homeowners over broken water lines or other dire plumbing situations that will often occur under a variety of circumstances, we find that they are often surprised to hear that renovations can be completed in just one day. How is this possible?

Innovative trenchless technologies allow plumbing specialists to perform full water line replacements in a matter of mere hours, by eliminating the need for extensive labor and manual digging. Using advanced, subterranean techniques, these professionals can fully replace your water line pipes in a fraction of the time it takes for other methods.

2. Trenchless Solutions Keep Your Lawn Intact

Using epoxy Perma-liner solutions, trenchless specialists can fill in or replace subterranean sections of damaged pipe without digging the pipe out. The specialists create small, non-intrusive entry points and, by applying air pressure, line these solutions along the walls of the existing pipes.

With a lengthy air bladder, specialists then cure the pipe to the inner walls, resulting in a completely restored pipe in a mere matter of hours. This completely eliminates the need for expensive pipe digging, or ‘trenching,’ while still providing quality water line replacements.

3. Trenchless Technologies Reduce the Cost of Water Line Replacement

The elimination of digging, seamless installation process, and low overhead costs all build up to one huge benefit at the end of the day: significant savings to homeowners. Not only does a trenchless water line replacement makes sense from a practical standpoint, but also from a financial one.




A trenchless water line replacement is extremely efficient, which leads to greatly cutting labor costs, just as minimal lawn digging eliminates the need for expensive landscaping. As the replacement pipe sections will last at least 50 years, trenchless renovations make sense in both the short- and long-term. The exact trenchless water line replacement cost may vary from home to home, so getting a quote is the best way to determine an estimate.

4. Pipe Bursting Can Expand Existing Water Line

The water line replacement technique known as pipe bursting can even improve the flow and efficiency of your existing water lines. In this method, a replacement pipe is fixed to a pointed bursting head, and fed through severely damaged pipe sections. The bursting head literally bursts through the existing pipe, and, with its expanding, conical shape, clears the resulting debris away.

This technique opens a path for the wider (and better performing) replacement pipe. It’s a “two birds with one stone” line replacement technique, which both resolves a broken pipe emergency and improves overall performance for decades to come.

5. Trenchless Replacement is Safer than the Alternative

As these trenchless water line replacements eliminate the need for extensive digging, there is less risk for workers to unearth harmful underground gasses, ensuring the safety of both the workers present and your family.


For trenching replacement methods, the dangers of subterranean mold and asbestos are always a major concern. Fortunately, with trenchless solutions, accidentally stumbling across a harmful mold concentration is a fear of the past.

6. Trenchless Water Lines Have Unbeatable Lifespans

As we’ve touched on lightly earlier in this blog, one of the main things homeowners should know about trenchless water line replacement is just how long the renovations can be expected to last. While you may think of Perma-liner, PVC replacement solutions as less reliable than other materials, this is as clear a misconception as they come.

Once installed, homeowners can expect their new pipes to last at least 50 years, and often much more. Not only are these new pipes easy to install, but they also bring with them the peace of mind homeowners look for in their plumbing.

7. These Solutions Can Resolve Any Kind of Damage

Before replacement installation, trenchless plumbing specialists will evaluate your water line with snaking video equipment to assess the extent and type of damage affecting your line. This is not, however, the specialist determining whether or not they can fix your pipe; this is for evaluation purposes.


In reality, trenchless solutions can resolve damages from any source, or any different type of damage. Whether your line is failing due to corrosion, root intrusion, shifting soil, or fracturing, trenchless replacements can see to your line repair needs.

8. Trenchless Technologies Protect You From Larger, Damaging Repairs

One fact many homeowners overlook when dealing with water line damage is the effectiveness of trenchless repair methods as preventative technologies. As with any other kind of home damage and repair operation, the sooner you act, the better.

Responding quickly to water line damage and seeking out innovative trenchless repairs early can save you from much more expensive and thorough renovations down the line. When homeowners take action and handle their water line problems seriously, they can get the repairs they need at much more appropriate and affordable times.

9. Plumbing Specialists Can Determine Whether Replacement is Needed

Using advanced video inspection technology, plumbing specialists can determine the exact extent of damage to your home’s water line, and help you decide what repair solutions are right for you. Some damages require full pipe bursting renovations, while others call for relining or even sectional repair.

With proactive inspection, trenchless technology experts can lead you to the right solutions, before damages can worsen, and eventually cost you more repair dollars. 

10. The Best Solutions Are Available Locally

One thing many homeowners don’t consider when hiring a trenchless specialist is how important it can be to hire locally, instead of opting for national or regional companies. While these companies may provide adequate solutions, they will never be as effective as those given by businesses based in your local community.

Local plumbing experts understand the geographical environments, weathering conditions, and common plumbing systems specific to your local area, and can provide ideal solutions to meet those needs. For something as important as a working water line, you’ll want the best solutions possible; the best way to do this is to hire your local plumbing experts.

To learn more about the innovations of trenchless water line replacements, or for more information about what you can do right now to make sure your water line performs well for years to come, give us a call. Our licensed and insured plumbers have been servicing the Sacramento area for years and are here to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Line Replacement

What is a water line?

Your water main line is the pipe in your house that distributes water throughout the rest of your home. Water supply lines connect to your main line to transfer water from the main line to different rooms in your house.

How much does it cost to change the water line?

Most people spend $1,600 for a water main line installation. Costs can range from $600 to $2,100 on average. Depending on the material, length, and depth, you can expect to spend $50 to $250 per linear foot.

The cost of water line replacement is similar to water line installation and can vary depending on the material and length of the pipes. Prices typically range from $1,500 to $3,000, with most homeowners spending around $2,000.

How often should you replace water lines?

Your water lines should last you at least 50 years. The life expectancy of your pipes varies on the material. Copper pipes tend to last as long as 70-80 years, and brass or galvanized steel pipes can last as long as 80-100 years. 

However, we recommend having a pipe inspection done every 1-3 years. During a pipe inspection, we can make sure that your pipes are working properly and that there are no cracks or signs of damage. It’s not uncommon for tree roots to row into pipes and make them crack or break. Having an inspection performed every 1-3 years can help you prevent more costly issues down the road.

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