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Fotolia 61582619 Subscription Monthly MCured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is the most innovative means of home and municipal pipe repair available today. Using liquid Perma-liner coating and air pressure, pipe specialists can fully repair damaged pipe sections without excavating the pipe; the tools and techniques used in these repairs are known collectively as trenchless technology.

The vast benefits that come with CIPP have led to this technology’s wide growth, and homeowners nationwide now opt for trenchless solutions as opposed to full-scale digging renovations. In almost all pipe repair cases, the choice is clear: cured-in-place pipe is the fastest and most affordable form of major pipe repair possible.

 1.) Savings Over Other Repair Methods

As all homeowners who give cured-in-place pipe repairs a chance learn, these technologies deliver huge financial savings in both the short- and long-term when compared to other techniques.

These savings are the result of CIPP’s streamlined installation process, which mirrors the process speed of trenchless technologies, as a whole. Homeowners embracing cured-in-place lining repairs can save hundreds by avoiding the costly landscaping and unnecessary labor of traditional, digging pipe repair.

 2.) A More Efficient Process

Liquid-based liners physically cure inside of pipes, forming a new, solid wall coating that will last for decades to come. As this curing is essentially the entire CIPP process in a nutshell, repairs done with liners can be fully completed in just a matter of hours. This means less overhead costs for you, and minimized hard labor for pipe specialists; it’s win-win for everybody.

When given the choice between non-invasive, affordable CIPP repair or several days’ worth of hard labor and landscaping, the practical choice is clear: the CIPP lining process makes trenchless technology worth the investment.

 3.) Minimal Digging Means Less Landscaping Hassles

Aside from actual labor costs, the area where CIPP lining saves homeowners most when compared to other repair methods is in landscaping. With trenchless, cured-in-place repairs full pipe excavation is never required; pipe repair specialists can use these tools to fully repair your damaged pipe without tearing apart your lawn, costing you hundreds in restorative landscaping.

 4.) A Remedy for Any Kind of Pipe Damage

One of the biggest strengths of cured-in-place lining repair, when compared to digging repairs, is their compatibility with any pipe, and the huge range of pipe damages they can fix. Perma-liner repairs can effectively renovate any kind of pipe damage, including:

  • Deterioration with age
  • Root or plant intrusion
  • Cracking and fracturing
  • Corrosion
  • Damage from faulty installation

As these solutions are coated to the inner walls of your pipe, the kind of pipe does not matter, or even affect the quality of the new pipe. CIPP lining is the ultimate solution for any kind of home pipes, and any damage, no matter how severe.

 5.) Lining Pipes Last for Decades

The final products resulting from trenchless, cured-in-place repairs will last well over 50 years in most cases, providing homeowners the peace of mind that just isn’t available with other pipe options.

These liquid, Perma-liner solutions can withstand the hazards that often break and harm other pipes, and are more structurally sound than many other pipe repair options, as they are one cohesive pipe section. There are zero joints or connector parts in these new pipes; joints across which pipe fractures often originate.

6.) The Safest Repair Method Available

Another improvement cured-in-place pipe lining provides over traditional pipe repair is safety for both the workers present and you. Since CIPP methods are completed completely underground, without excavation and large-scale pipe digging, the risks associated with traditional pipe repair are completely avoided.

With any kind of large digging operation, there is a constant threat of asbestos or mold exposure, or exposure to other, potentially harmful natural elements. As CIPP technologies tend to pipe damages without this digging, the safety of workers, yourself and your family is guaranteed.

 7.) The Range of Trenchless Options

Those interested in CIPP and other trenchless technologies are often surprised by the many trenchless options available to them. Perma-liner liquid solutions can completely repair the water line between your home and municipal water systems, or even tend municipal systems in a process known as manhole-to-manhole lining. There’s even a trenchless, cured-in-place solution for smaller pipe damages, where corrosion and cracking is concentrated in one local area and full inner coatings are impractical (this is known as sectional point repair).

This range of options makes the huge benefits of CIPP available for any type of pipe. No matter what your specific needs are, or what the cause of your pipe problems is, there are trenchless, Perma-liner solutions ideal for your needs.

8.) CIPP Lining and Larger Scale Buildings

Even for larger buildings, municipal pipe systems and other complex pipe systems, cured-in-place pipe solutions have firm standing as the most practical, affordable and efficient pipe repair option available.

For pipe damages and performance problems in your housing, apartment or commercial property, CIPP lining is still the ideal solution, and can fully resolve any pipe issues in a matter of hours. Affordable and long-lasting renovations are within your grasp should you look for them. Why tear apart your building’s structure and flooring to repair a pipe, when you can use innovative new technologies to remedy any damages?

9.) Local Experts Can See to Your Pipe Repair Needs

The best thing about trenchless technologies and CIPP lining repairs is that local specialists can deliver these repairs with your unique pipe system and environment in mind. These professionals understand how water lines and municipal pipe systems work in your community, and can recommend the most effective solution possible for your unique situation.

For those of you in the Sacramento area, those professionals are Express Sewer & Drain. If you’re interested in learning more about cured-in-place pipe relining, or need a pipe repair expert to diagnose your home pipes, contact us right away.

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