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Avoid tearing apart your lawn with affordable, trenchless lateral lining.Lateral pipe lining is a pipe repair method known to those in the plumbing industry as a trenchless technology. Through the innovative use of subterranean pipe boring, epoxy resins and lining material, specialists can perform full pipe repairs in a fraction of the time of conventional, dig-and-replace repairs.

But how can you be sure trenchless lateral lining is right for your pipes, and to resolve your plumbing damages? What makes lateral lining more worthwhile than traditional repairs?

For many home lateral damages and plumbing emergencies, trenchless lateral lining is the best possible solution; by going trenchless, you can expect to save hundreds (if not more) on your pipe repairs, and resolve lateral pipe problems in a matter of hours, as opposed to days with traditional digging solutions.

1.) The Most Efficient Repair Process is Lateral Lining

Trenchless lateral lining stands apart from other pipe repairs, and delivers most of its value, due to the speed and simplicity of its installation. During lateral lining, trenchless specialists use small entry points to reach affected pipe sections, and apply epoxy-resin liner through these entry points.

Once the inner walls of the affected lateral pipe are fully coated with liner, specialists use an inflatable air bladder to pressurize the liner and physically cure it to pipe walls (hence the name “cured-in-place pipe”). This curing typically can be fully completed in a short matter of hours, compared to the multiple days’ worth of digging and extensive trenching that are required by conventional dig-and-replace lateral repairs.

2.) Versatile Repairs for Any Situation

Trenchless lateral lining solutions go beyond traditional repair methods in their versatility with practically any type of pipe damage. The very ways that cured-in-place lining can be applied to areas in your home’s lateral pipe ensure equal effectiveness with damage from any source, including:

  • Pipe cracking, fracturing or corrosion with age
  • Breakage due to environmental stresses, such as soil shifts and temperature changes
  • Poorly installed lateral pipe joints
  • Intrusion by other underground systems, roots or burrowing
  • Even fully missing pipe sections

3.) Speed and Minimal Digging Mean Maximum Savings

The thorough digging, labor and excavation required in conventional lateral repairs can translate into huge (and unnecessary) expense on your behalf. Long hours of labor, expensive materials used and resulting landscaping tasks can take a large unforeseen toll on your plumbing repair budget. This is where lateral pipe lining excels.

Trenchless lining keeps digging to an absolute minimum; the entire resin application is typically done through small, controlled entry points that are easy to fill in once repairs are completed. Beyond landscaping benefits, these repairs limit overhead labor costs, and help homeowners save hundreds on their repairs opposed to outdated dig-and-replace techniques.

4.) A Safer Repair Operation

Cured-in-place lateral pipe lining is the ideal repair solution for virtually any type or extent of pipe damage, and can be installed much more safely than other methods. With the elimination of exhaustive digging, comes the elimination of mold and asbestos risk, to the benefit of both the specialists involved and your family.

When extensive trenching is done to one’s lawn, they are put at increased risk for uncovering harmful mold spores or natural underground gases. By limiting digging to two small entry points, homeowners can largely avoid these risks, and assure the safety of their family and an entirely ‘green’ pipe repair process.

5.) Reliability for Decades to Come

If you remain unconvinced of trenchless pipe lining’s worth, and how it can help you improve your home’s lateral lines in a timely, affordable way, perhaps you should consider the valuable peace of mind it provides. One common concern over trenchless pipe lining that makes some homeowners hesitate concerns the lining itself, and materials used. Sometimes, homeowners in need of lateral pipe repairs are put off by the idea of heavy-duty plastic repairs and resin lining.

However, these solutions can effectively seal pipe cracking and other damages for decades to come, and bring pipe safety assurance in their simplicity. By using cured-in-place liner, specialists employing these techniques essentially create single, fully connected pipe segments, without the at-risk joints, sections or components of dated lateral systems.

If you need to repair your pipes in a quick, affordable manner, but also want assurance for years to come, trenchless lateral lining is the perfect technique for your pipes. To learn more about what trenchless repair methods and lining applications can do for your plumbing problems, contact us today.

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