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Avoid tearing apart your property like this with innovative Interfit solutions.Lateral pipe liners, such as those created by Interfit USA, are used primarily in pipe repairs, and are some of the most innovative tools used to restore existing pipe systems affected by corrosion, cracking and intrusion.

These liquid, epoxy-resin liners are coated to inner pipe walls by trenchless technicians, and physically cured-in-place in a matter of hours; this returns affected, damaged pipes to full performance in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional, excavation repairs.

The nationwide authority on lateral resin pipe liners, Interfit USA, provides these solutions for trenchless specialists in your community, who can tend to your damaged and aging pipes with relative ease. Here at Express Sewer & Drain, we use Interfit liners in all of our cured-in-place pipe installations, due largely to their reliability and long-term strength. Interfit liners mold in place to create replacement pipe walls with minimal labor, and minimal cost.

In this blog, we’ll go in-depth into how Interfit lining works to restore damaged sewer and water pipe lines, as well as ways homeowners can benefit from these innovative repair techniques over outdated, strenuous digging repairs.

Interfit Solutions, and the Trenchless Application Process

Interfit USA is the industry-leading producer of pipe lining and epoxy sewer sealant across the United States. Every day, trenchless repair specialists use Interfit technologies to effectively repair damaged home pipe lines, municipal sewer systems and everything in between. Interfit provides the most reliable, high quality and non-invasive solutions for pipe renovation available on today’s market.

The way it works is simple: using small, non-destructive entry points in your lawn, or even existing sewer entrances, trenchless technicians can coat the inner walls of damaged pipes with Interfit liners directly, in an application that does not disrupt your landscaping or require multiple days of tedious digging.

By accessing your pipes directly and applying innovative Interfit liners through non-invasive points, trenchless pros can fully eliminate the need for costly, damaging excavation to complete pipe repairs.

Interfit USA’s innovative liner solutions are compatible with a wide range of sealant applications, and can be used to effectively resolve pipe damages in lateral and sewer pipes, regardless of pipe size or angle. Interfit liners are the perfect solution for both common and severe home pipe problems, particularly in systems with:

  • Mainline diameters of 6 to 12 inches
  • Lateral angles between 0 and 180 degrees
  • Lateral diameters between 4 and 6 inches

Interfit’s innovative pipe lining materials provide full, 360° resin wrapping for damaged home and municipal pipe systems, in an application process that takes a mere fraction of the time of traditional, dig-and-replace repair methods.

What Lateral Lining Means for You

But what does all this mean for me? I understand what Interfit liners are, but how can they help me save on pipe repair emergencies?

Interfit USA’s liquid, cured-in-place solutions are long-lasting repair alternatives, which can serve your existing plumbing system for decades to come. Once cured along inner pipe walls as a solid-bodied, 360° replacement pipe section, homeowners can expect the affected pipes to perform regularly for at least 50+ years.

The benefits of Interfit pipes go beyond the quality of resulting pipes; since the entire application process is significantly cut down from that of traditional, excavation pipe repairs (which could days, if not longer, to be completed), so, too, are overall repair costs. With trenchless technologies and Interfit lining, you can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on:

  • Repair materials themselves
  • Extensive overhead labor costs for workers involved
  • Remedial landscaping, as traditional repairs usually require your lawn to be excavated to devastating extent
  • Protection against future pipe failures, since Interfit resin liners cure as durable, maximum-strength pipe replacement sections

For home and municipal pipe repairs alike, finding affordable, long-lasting and non-invasive repairs is made easy with Interfit lining. Interfit lining solutions are the most versatile underground pipe repair option available on the market, and are able to resolve breakage issues in pipes with virtually any junction configurations.

Composed of PVC-coated, resin-lined fiberglass, Interfit pipe repair solutions cure-in-place to create the longest lasting, least intrusive major pipe renovations possible. If you’d like to learn more on what highly safe, versatile Interfit USA lining can do for your home pipe repair needs, or for more information on the trenchless repair options available in your area, contact the cured-in-place pipe pros at Express Sewer & Drain today.


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