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Boring tools are what make trenchless pipe repairs entirely possible.

What on Earth is ‘directional boring,’ and why do pipe repair technicians in my area keep mentioning it regarding my renovations? Innovative directional boring technologies are what trenchless experts use every day to repair pipes underground, in a technique known as cured-in-place pipe repair.

Directional boring equipment (the most effective of which are manufactured by Ditch Witch) are the patented solutions used in trenchless pipe renovations, which allow simple, underground access to damaged pipe lines. It’s these advanced, electronically guided tools that make trenchless pipe repair possible.

How Directional Boring Tools Operate

When a pipe repair specialist inspects your damaged water lines, lateral pipes or sewer connections, they may advise trenchless repair solutions to remedy the issue. These solutions include:

  • Pipe lining
  • Manhole-to-manhole lining
  • Sectional point repair
  • Pipe bursting

These trenchless solutions, while specifically tailored for certain situations and varying pipe conditions, all have one thing in common: the initial directional boring process.

Directional boring equipment is used for a variety of subterranean renovations, including cable laying, conduit access and (you guessed it) pipe repair. Once damage to a pipe has been identified, trenchless repair experts will access your pipe using directional boring technologies; first, by creating a ‘pilot hole.’ This is the primary boring point to establish a connection with your underground pipes.

With the pilot hole formed, repair specialists will use directional boring equipment to enlarge the connection for specific pipe diameters, and drill through soil according to the material being cut. Whether replacement pipes in question are made from iron, steel or plastics, or cured-in-place as PVC line sealant, directional boring technology makes accessing underground pipes and completing these repairs simple.

Complete Underground Access… Without the Digging

Directional boring repair techniques are so valuable for homeowners as they forego manual digging, or trenching. For repair operations, this means thousands of dollars and days (if not weeks) of saved time. Directional boring makes it possible for homeowners to have their pipes fully repaired and restored to operable order without invasive digging, landscaping requirements or high overhead labor costs.

If you’re dealing with full or partial pipe damage of any kind, techniques that use directional boring are almost always the most efficient and affordable means of pipe renovation.

In fact, the trenchless repair techniques that specialists can complete with directional boring tools can completely restore pipes damaged by virtually anything, including:

  • Faulty installation or poorly matched pipe joints
  • Plant intrusion or underground animal activity
  • Cracking and breakages due to environmental pressures, such as shifting soil or temperature wear
  • Rusting and corrosion with age
  • Chemical decomposition

Bringing much reduced repair cost, efficient and safe installation, and minimal surface disruption, directional boring technologies just make sense for most cases of pipe damage. There’s no reason to manually excavate your lawn or go through weeks of intrusive labor to repair your pipes; directional boring and the trenchless methods it makes possible are the most practical way to restore pipe of any kind, with any variety or extent of pipe damage.

Combined directional boring and trenchless, cured-in-place pipe repairs techniques are the most affordable, non-invasive way for homeowners to deal with underground pipe damage. These boring and drilling tools can also be used in municipal pipe repair, and do not disrupt everyday traffic in the detrimental ways full pipe excavation does.

Trenchless pipe restorations through the directional boring process offer more than just immediate savings… they offer peace of mind for years to come. With trenchless technologies and directional boring working in tandem to restore your pipes, you can expect:

  • Zero collateral effects, or unwarranted damage to property
  • No disruptions, for everyday traffic and private homes alike
  • Green pipe repairs, which provide more sustainable results than conventional digging methods
  • Full, subterranean pipe solutions guaranteed to last for over 50 years
  • Cost savings in both the short- and long-term

If you’re dealing with underground pipe emergencies, and need an affordable, non-invasive way to restore your pipes quickly, there’s no better solution than directional boring, and the various trenchless techniques it provides. To learn more about what directional boring can do for your pipe renovation needs, or for more information on trenchless repair technologies, contact the pros at Express Sewer & Drain today.

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