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In Sacramento, the best pipe replacement deal depends on a number of factors.It doesn’t matter if home lateral pipes, commercial pipes or municipal sewer lines have failed - replacing them is going to cost some money. There’s a lot that goes in to pipe replacement, particularly in traditional, dig-and-replace projects, which demand long hours of labor and up-front materials. This is true for Sacramento pipe replacement just as it is anywhere in America. 

That said, there are things you should consider that can get you a better deal on your pipe replacement problem. Certain project conditions, such as pipe depth and yard obstruction, open the door for replacement techniques you may not have yet explored. 

We’re talking about trenchless pipe bursting; an application which, under the right circumstances, could help you save thousands on your overall pipe replacement problem. In this blog, we weigh the pros and cons of pipe bursting and dig-and-replace techniques, and provide some industry information to help you get the best deal for your Sacramento pipe problem.

Cost Factor 1: Materials and Labor

The first (and biggest) cost factors in pipe replacement are what’s demanded in terms of labor and materials; how much man hours are required to complete the project, and what equipment or new pipe materials are required. A majority of traditional pipe replacement costs aren’t associated with the new pipe itself, but the work that goes into placing it. Dig-and-replace repairs can take days, if not weeks, to complete. If any complications arise, this project length - and cost - are extended.

Pipe bursting, on the other hand, costs more in up-front materials and far less in physical labor than traditional means. Bursting is essentially fracturing and displacing a failed pipe from within, using a steel, cone-shaped bursting head; attached to the broad end of the bursting head is a replacement pipe line. Via small entry points, the bursting head travels through existing pipe lines and breaks them apart, laying in place a new pipe in a quick, minimal-labor process.

With efficiency comes higher cost for the technology itself, but this can end up being much less than traditional labor costs for extensive projects.

Cost Factor 2: Location of the Pipe and Surface-Level Conditions

The actual location and depth of the pipe is another factor you must consider when replacing your pipes in Sacramento, no matter the application type. If the failed pipe in question is relatively close to the surface, and there are few other obstructions (such as sidewalks or driveways) to complicate the process, traditional replacement would likely be your cheapest option.

However, if the pipe is far beneath surface-level and extensive digging would be required, trenchless pipe bursting would likely be a more affordable alternative to traditional replacement. The same is true for damaged pipes that run beneath driveways, large trees or, in the case of municipal projects, busy commuter streets. Digging these surface objects out and laying new pipe would cost exponentially more than bursting the pipe from within, both in landscaping and time.

Cost Factor 3: Proximity to Other Utilities

Another factor that can affect the cost of pipe replacement in Sacramento is a damaged pipe’s proximity to other utility lines. If your collapsed or warped sewer line runs adjacent to, say, a gas or electrical line, bursting through the pipe would be ruled out as dangerous. In these circumstances, traditional dig-and-replace methods will likely be required, no matter the cost difference.

So… Which is the Best Deal?

Like pipe lining applications, the most affordable pipe replacement option in any case depends on the cost factors listed above. In some situations, conventional dig-and-replace techniques will actually prove more affordable than pipe bursting. In others, the opposite is true, and bursting could come at a fraction of the price of traditional methods.

The best way to determine which option is right for you is contacting a local pipe repair specialist and having them perform a video inspection of your pipes and analyze conditions. Then, you can not only get the job done right the first time, but also get it done with the best price tag.

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